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2004 XYZZY Awards Ceremony Transcript

On March 20th, 2005, at 4:00 P.M. EST (9:00 P.M. GMT), the XYZZY Awards Ceremony was held at ifMUD. Below is the transcript of the event, including side-comments that those in attendance made on the #peanut-gallery channel. Should you not wish to see those comments, an expurgated version is also available.


lpsmith says, "OK! Back to present more awards are Daniel Ravipinto and Star Foster, presenting 'Best Setting'."
inky says, ""ow!""
Rob claps
Dan and Star enter from stage left.
[peanut-gallery] Ferret crumples up his potential speech. It was _spectacular_.
JoshuaH claps.
Tommy claps.
[peanut-gallery] zarf says, "just imagine if I'd had *more* than 15 minutes notice of the ceremony"
Paul exclaims, "Yay DanAndStar collective again!"
"The next award is Best Setting," says Dan.
maga prepares to be assimilated
Star says, "The nominees are..."
[peanut-gallery] Jacqueline says, "heh"
[peanut-gallery] Jota asks (of Zarf), "Then you wouldn't have bothered making up any speech at all?"
[peanut-gallery] Rob says, "you should be working on notes for your next speech now"
[peanut-gallery] Paul says (to Ferret), "Read it to us at the bar afterwards"
Fang sets ifmud to FUN!
Thrax says (to Star), "YM 'the nominees is...'"
<Guest2> I'm not here to be entertained! Stop amusing me!
"Future Boy!, by Kent Tessman."
Rob claps
[peanut-gallery] Tommy says, "This one must go to Dreamhold, surely."
rrafgon applauds
Paul exclaims, "Yay Rocket City!"
DavidW claps.
[peanut-gallery] Bishop remains doubtful.
[peanut-gallery] Rob says, "not necessarily"
[peanut-gallery] Fang says, "I dunno. I like Mingsheng"
"Gamlet, by Tomasz Pudlo."
Rob claps
DavidW claps
[peanut-gallery] Bishop says, "Then again, I haven't played _any_ of these games, so I have little cause for it."
Gunther says, "disembodied game naming!"
Fang claps.
Jacqueline claps.
Guest2 walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice it approaching it from the other side.
[peanut-gallery] DavidW says, "I'm not sure who'll get this one."
"Mingsheng, by Deane Saunders."
[peanut-gallery] Hugo has to step out, whoops.
[peanut-gallery] JoshuaH says, "I liked both Mingsheng and Fire Tower for this. Tough pick."
Rob applauds
klimas says, "yay mingsheng!"
DavidW cheers!
[peanut-gallery] baf asks, "Whoa. Six nominees?"
JoshuaH claps.
[peanut-gallery] Rob says, "ep"
Jacqueline claps.
Paul exclaims, "Yay zen garden!"
[peanut-gallery] Rob says, "yep"
Hugo goes home.
</Hugo> Hugo has disconnected from ifMUD.
Fang claps.
[peanut-gallery] DavidW says, "There was a tie."
"Necrotic Drift, by Robb Sherwin."
Rob claps
[peanut-gallery] inky says, "for story too, looks like"
DavidW claps
Paul exclaims, "Yay New Haz!"
Bishop practices the applause stance.
Jacqueline claps.
half says, "Hooray for Mingsheng."
maga says, "yay"
klimas says, "woot mall"
"The Dreamhold, by Andrew Plotkin."
Rob applauds
inky says, "meet the new haz, same as the old haz"
Jacqueline applauds.
Paul exclaims, "Yay wizard's house!"
DavidW applauds.
Bishop claps.
Paul says (to inky), "Ha"
rrafgon cheers
"The Fire Tower, by Jacqueline A. Lott."
Rob applauds.
JoshuaH cheers.
DavidW says, "hooray!"
BrenBarn says, "woo Jacq"
maga exclaims, "yay!"
Rob says, "go jacq"
klimas says, "yay fire tower!"
Paul exclaims, "Yay yay yay nature hike!"
jon claps for scenic detail
inky says, "yay jacq"
Gunther says, "whoa"
Thrax claps A. Lott.
Recchi applauds Jacqueline!
Ferret whees
DavidW says, "yay bear"
lpsmith says (to Thrax), "*thwap*"
Dan opens the envelope with a flourish.
[peanut-gallery] Paul says (to Thrax), "heh"
K-Y claps for everyone
Guest2 leaves the auditorium to the west.
Fang says (to Ferret), "Eww.."
jon says, "bear what-bear thwap"
"And the winner is..."
</Guest2> Well THAT was certainly... interesting.
[peanut-gallery] Jacqueline says (to lps), "Thank you for that thwap."
"The Fire Tower, by Jacqueline A. Lott!"
maga says, "WOO"
Rob cheers!
lpsmith exclaims, "Yay!"
Fang hurrah!
Kwi says, "YAY!"
inky says, "yay!"
klimas says, "woot!"
Rob says, "yay!!"
Paul exclaims, "WOOOOOO!"
Gunther says, "Awesome!"
DavidW says, "HOORAY!"
skousend exclaims, "Yay!"
JoshuaH applauds!
[peanut-gallery] Tommy says, "I take it back"
Bishop exclaims, "Woo! Congrats, Jacq!"
two-star exclaims, "Yay!"
Rob says, "hurrah!"
rrafgon says, "yay yay."
Paul says, "So deserving"
Tommy applauds.
DavidW claps loudly!
klimas says, "yay!!"
Thrax says, "claps in an isquiesque fashion."
K-Y says, "Yay!"
[peanut-gallery] Fang says, "Hmm, another game I haven't played."
Recchi congratulates Jacqueline!
zarf claps
jon exclaims, "!!!!"
Jota cheers.
Trumgottist claps hands.
BrenBarn says, "hooray for Jacq!"
maga says, "SPEECH"
Thrax also forgets how to emote.
DavidW says (to Jacqueline), "Congratulations!"
Paul exclaims, "Hike to the stage!"
StarAndDan exclaims, "Congratulations!"
[peanut-gallery] Gunther says, "I wasn't even aware of that game. I stand in the corner with shame."
Fang exclaims, "speech!"
Jacqueline stands up.
[peanut-gallery] Fang joins Gunther.
[peanut-gallery] Rob asks, "what, the fire tower?"
Jacqueline walks, rather shocked, to the stage.
[peanut-gallery] inky says, "that was the only one I played post-finalists announcement"
[peanut-gallery] Rob says, "I was aware of it, but I didn't play it until I was voting"
Jacqueline says, "My. Um, I sort of had this category pegged for somebody else."
[peanut-gallery] Thrax says (to Gunther), "shame is still in the lounge"
Rob says, "wrong!"
Jacqueline says, "A certain someone who's been sweeping the awards."
inky asks, "the janitor?"
StarAndDan gives Best Setting 2004 XYZZY to Jacqueline.
[peanut-gallery] Paul says, "pg Same here, and it totally got my vote"
inky says, "that was a few years ago"
[peanut-gallery] Jota says (to Jacq), "You can pretend to have writtent hat game, if it's easier."
[peanut-gallery] Thrax says, "you can stand in the corner with NamelessAdventurer"
Jacqueline says, "And I also really, really thought that there were some other tough contenders."
Jacqueline thanks Star and Dan.
Gunther says, "there's no sweep yet!"
(From lpsmith) Jacqueline says, "But I guess not."
[peanut-gallery] jon says, " for compliments..."
[peanut-gallery] (from maga) Jacqueline says, "So that just goes to show how awesome I am."
Jacqueline says, "And with six in the category, you know it was a very tight race."
Jacqueline says, "At any rate, thank you!"
[peanut-gallery] DavidW says, "hah"
[peanut-gallery] Rob says, "yay"
[peanut-gallery] (from Fang) Jacqueline says, "But they turned out to be cowardly weaklings. Go mE!"
Rob cheers
JoshuaH claps.
DavidW claps again!
maga claps
inky says, "yay real speech"
klimas says, "yay!"
Jacqueline walks, still shocked, back to her seat.
rrafgon claps
Gunther says, "yay Xyzzyesque"
Paul exclaims, "Hooray Jacq!"
ifdhan says, "congratulation jacq"
inky says (to Gunther), "hee hee"
Jacqueline sips champagne in copious amounts.
DavidW says (to Gunther), "heh"
[peanut-gallery] Ferret growls at fake distress calls.
BrenBarn says, "a truly isquiesque speech"
Fang says, "well done."

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