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Various people from the adventure game community discuss games, puzzles, and more.

CGM Interviews of Andrew Plotkin and Emily Short

For their article on interactive fiction, Computer Games Magazine interviewed Andrew Plotkin and Emily Short. They published exerpts from the interview; here's the interviews in more detail.

Magic Words: Interactive Fiction in the 21st Century

Given that interactive fiction is now some forty years old, where's it headed now? A look at IF, its history, and interviews with Andrew Plotkin, Adam Cadre, Emily Short, Stephen Granade, Dan Ravipinto and Star Foster.

PC Gamer UK Interviews

The January 2003 issue of PC Gamer UK had an article about interactive fiction. The article's writer, Richard Cobbett, interviewed several IF authors as part of the article. However, only snippets of the interviews appeared in the magazine. I've gotten permission to present several of the full interviews.

Writers and Adventurers

There are a number of writers who write both interactive fiction and traditional fiction or non-fiction. Among them are Adam Cadre, Neil deMause, and Eric Mayer. Why do they do it?

Dave Lebling

The fine folks at Adventure Collective and I ask the former Infocom implementor a number of questions.

Brian Moriarty

When I was doing my article on Skotos, I had the chance to talk to Brian Moriarty about the challenges of designing commercial text-based MUDs, his experiences at Infocom, and his thoughts on the current state of interactive fiction.


While doing research for my article on warez, abandonware, and the software industry, I had a lengthy discussion with Beelzebub, who runs Beelzebub's Warez.

Ragnar Tørnquist

Ragnar Tørnquist, the designer of The Longest Journey, talks about his company's difficulty in getting that game to the North American market.

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