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We've got guides to help you play adventure games, software you'll need to play interactive fiction, and where go to for help when you play the games.


Do you have a Palm or Visor and you want to play games on it? Need interactive fiction interpreters for your Windows machine, or Mac, or Linux box? Interested in the latest demos of commercial adventure games? We can help.

How To

Various guides for players, such as how to write a walkthrough for a game you enjoyed, or how to download text adventures.


Longer than the how-to articles, our guides are more in-depth looks at various topics such as graphic adventure games and resources such as the Interactive Fiction Archive.

Getting Help

If you're stuck on a game and need some hints, or perhaps a good shove, these resources can help.


Information on upcoming games. Learn what games you should be looking forward to, or running away from.

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