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Beginner Resources

At some point we were all newcomers to the world of interactive fiction and adventure games. The articles and links on this page will help get you acclimated.

Introducing Interactive Fiction

Not sure what this "interactive fiction" stuff is all about? I don't claim to have an exact definition, but I can tell you roughly what I mean when I say "interactive fiction."

A Beginner's Guide to Interactive Fiction

A guide to how IF works, how you interact with a game, and more.

How to Play a Text Adventure, Part 1

If you're new to the world of text adventures, this article will help you learn how to play them by walking you through the beginning of a game. Part one of a two-part series.

How to Play a Text Adventure, Part 2

In the second and final part of the series, I lead you through more of Nate Cull's game Glowgrass.

Finding Your Way Around IFArchive

The Interactive Fiction Archive is your source for text adventures, adventure programming languages, and just about anything else having to do with interactive fiction. Learn how the archive is structured, to better help you navigate it.

Downloading and Running Text Adventures

Finding your way through the thicket of interpreters and game files in order to play a modern text adventure can be daunting if you don't have a guide. So why not read this article and save yourself the headaches?

A Beginner's Guide to Graphic Adventure Games

Plunging into the world of graphic adventure games can be a daunting proposition. Learn more about their history and the various types of graphic adventure games before leaping in feet-first.

Macintosh Text Adventure Interpreters

If you want to play text adventures on your Mac, you'll need to get a handful of interpreters to let you play. We'll tell you which ones and show you where to get them.

Linux Text Adventure Interpreters

Interested in playing text adventures on your Linux box? You'll need to grab a bunch of interpreters. Fortunately, we've got instructions that will get you up and running in no time.

Reading Usenet News

Perhaps you've never read Usenet news and would like to start. Perhaps you've been using Google Groups to read news, but would like a better option. In either case, we can help.

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