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2002 XYZZY Awards Ceremony Transcript

On March 2, 2002, at 1:30 P.M. EST (6:30 P.M. GMT), the XYZZY Awards Ceremony was held at ifMUD. Below is the transcript of the event, without comments made on the #peanut-gallery discussion. Should you wish to see those comments, they are also available.


inky says, "well, let's see -- moving right along, Rob has asked for another chance to get to present an award"
veek says (to BrenBarn), "BOO! Digital all the way!!"
JJGuest says, "I ate Holland last week""
inky says, "but this time we're prepared"
BrenBarn says (to veek), "hee hee"
Rob gets up again.
Rob asks, "We are?"
zugzwang belatedly yays Adam
JJGuest says, "on a ritz cracker""
(From inky) Security guards wheel a large model with a dress draped over it on stage
Sargent says, "yay!"
Guest2 goes home.
</Guest2> Well THAT was certainly... interesting.
(From inky) Security guards carefully cover its face with krazy glue
Matthew cheers Rob.
Rob says, "okay, let's see..."
A squirrel enters, holding the Best Puzzles nominees in his little paws.
Matthew says, "Awwwww."
Rob tries to take the nominees list. The squirrel is carrying the Best Puzzles nominees and won't let him have it.
Psmith says, "yay squirrel!"
Emily says, "yay squirrel"
DavidW says, "aw. how cute."
Gunther says, "hee hee"
Storme says, "aww"
Jota says, "Hee."
Rob gives the squirrel a big juicy acorn. The squirrel takes the acorn and dashes off, leaving the trophy behind.
Adam asks, "Boris, dahling, ve kill moose now?"
DavidW says, "awwwww"
Jacqueline says, "What a cute little fuzzy critter."
Rob says, "ok"
<Guest2> I'm not here to be entertained! Stop amusing me!
DavidW cheers for squirrel
Guest2 walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice it approaching it from the other side.
Rob says, "the nominees.... for Best Puzzles.... are......"
Rob says, "Earth and Sky 2: Another Earth, Another Sky, by Paul O'Brian!"
JessK claps
Sousa exclaims, "yay Paul!"
Matthew claps.
Gunther says, "go paul"
Jimbo cheers.
DavidW claps
Storme says, "yay"
veek cheers
Rob says, "Lock & Key, by Adam Cadre!"
schep cheers!
maga says, "whoop whoop whoop"
Trent claps
Jacqueline applauds for Paul.
JessK claps more
Matthew cheers.
Iain says, "Another Another Earth & Sky!"
Storme says, "another yay"
DavidW claps some more
Rob says, "Out of the Study, by Anssi Raisanen!"
Jacqueline applauds for Adam (yet again).
Matthew claps.
Gunther says, "woo woo"
JessK cheers
DavidW cheers
Rob says, "Savoir Faire, by Emily Short!"
Paul applauds
Sousa claps
maga says, "YAY"
Matthew cheers.
JessK cheers more
Iain says, "Man, I've said 'roggler' so many times that it's almost not funny any more."
Sietse cheers
Jimbo claps.
DavidW cheers louder
Photon applauds the nominees.
Iain says, "ROGGLER"
BoingBall applauds
Storme says, "yay and yay and yay"
Matthew applauds.
Jacqueline is late, and will wait to clap for everyone.
Rob says, "and Tookie's Song, by Jessica Knoch!"
Sousa applauds
Sietse cheers again.
BenCaplan says, "roggler"
Psmith says, "yay all"
DavidW yays
Matthew claps.
Jimbo claps.
Jacqueline claps for Jessica.
Gunther says, "robble"
Jimbo says, "Go, Jessica."
Rob asks, "Who could the winner be???"
Iain says, "TOOKiE!"
Sargent says, "woo nominees!"
Rob says, "it is a mystery!!"
Gunther says, "Anyone!"
liza says, "HI ROB"
veek is losing her voice but cheers anyway
HairBrain says, "gasp!"
Sietse holds his breath
Rob opens the envelope carefully.
DavidW takes a sip of his wine spritzer.
Gunther waits for the squirrel!
Rob says, "could it be... could it be... it is...!"
Jon necks som epills
Iain says (to Rob), "No...!"
Rob says, "Savoir Faire, by Emily Short!!!!!!"
Jacqueline faints.
maga says, "YES"
Photon exclaims, "Yay!"
veek says, "WOO"
Gunther says, "YAY!!"
Matthew exclaims, "HOOOOOOOORAY!"
BoingBall says, "HOORJ"
Storme says, "YAY!"
dfan claps
Sargent says, "woo woo!"
Matthew cheers.
JessK says, "hooray!!"
DavidW says, "HOORAY!"
Jimbo claps and cheers.
Paul exclaims, "WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!"
Ced throws bits of cheese at the stage in excitement. YAY
Trent says, "YAY!"
liza says, "YAY"
BrenBarn says, "huzzah"
Jota exclaims, "Woo!"
Matthew applauds madly.
veek claps and claps
Sousa says, "Woo..."
Emily stands up
Sietse Wowowow!
Jota exclaims, "Yay, Savoir Faire!"
inky says, "spinach! spinach!"
eileen exclaims, "Congratulations!"
Guest3 goes home.
</Guest3> The guest digest will list the next guest request. It's the best!
Paul exclaims, "GO EMILY!"
maga claps furiously
Photon exclaims, "Bien! Bien!"
Sietse exclaims, "Wowowow!"
inky says, "er, I mean, speech"
DavidW claps, cheers, hoorays, stomps feet.
Sargent says (to inky), "yay!"
MadMonk says, "YAY"
JessK says, "Yay, Savoir Faire!"
Gunther says, "JE SUIS UN ROBO"
Recchi exclaims (at emily), "Congratulations!!!"
Duchess says, "yay em"
Rob claps and claps
Trent puts on the Cheeshead Hat.
Jimbo says, "Give me an E. (No, really, I need one.)"
Sietse Tres bien, ma cherie!
Jon claps
Adam says, "Well, of course L & K didn't win this one... as was pointed out on, 'Game needs more plot than merely escaping a single cell'"
Jacqueline says, "Oui oui! Wait. I just want to powder my nose..."
Sietse exclaims, "Tres bien, ma cherie!"
veek eats some camembert
BenCaplan drops down unconscious from too much emotional strain and vanishes in a cloud of black smoke.
BenCaplan goes home.
</BenCaplan> BenCaplan has disconnected from ifMUD.
Emily taps microphone
Guest2 laughs (at DavidW)
LoneCleric exclaims, "Bravo, Emilie!"
Recchi says (to Adam), "Heh, heh"
Trent cheers more.
BoingBall says, "I still think Download.comReviewerGuy should be a presenter"
Paul says (to Adam), "Those reviewers are the most incisive anywhere. Or, as they would say, 'this gam sux.'"
Iain says, "Moi je t'aime le joue a nom 'Savoir Faire' tres bien!"
Emily says, "This is where I thank my beta-testers"
Gunther translates, "thankez-vous, betatesteurs!"
Sietse trouve que Emily et tres belle, ce soir.
Matthew claps.
Adam says, "mo' beta testahz"
zugzwang says (to Iain), "Not a puzzle (Constraints). Sorry, my connection's *terrible*."
Emily says, "The premise for this game was unquestionably the most evil bug-producing premise I have ever thought of"
Iain says (to zugzwang), "Aha."
Emily says, "and their efforts were truly valiant"
Sargent applauds efforts (containing valor)
Jearl says, "yay testers"
Psmith links Emily to award.
LoneCleric chuckles discreetly at all the bad french comments.
Storme says (to Emily), "yay"
BrenBarn says (to LC), "ZUT ALORS"
Jimbo says, "hoots and hollers."
DavidW says, "But a wonderfully original premise, pulling off spectacularly."
liza says, "But you get award and they don't, ha ha suckers"
Gunther reverse-links Psmith to ... wait, I have nothing here
DavidW says, "er, pulled"
Jearl links applause to cookies, gives testers round of applause
Emily says, "so thanks, Jota, buzzard, and LoneCleric, and inky who alpha-tested, and everyone else who sent bug reports afterwards"
maga says, "yay"
Rob claps
Emily says (to maga), "yes, that means you, hush"
Gunther says, "go betatesters! And Emily!"
Sousa exclaims, "Yay testers!!"
Matthew applauds.
Iain says (to Gunther), "Noo, don't reverse-link Psmith to Nothing! The universe will be filled with Psmiths!"
Guest4 has disconnected.
Guest4 goes home.
Emily says, "anyway, thank you very much"
Emily sits
JessK applauds
Rob claps
Jimbo claps.
Gunther links Iain to 0 degrees Kelvin.
eileen claps again
DavidW applauds
Matthew claps again.
Photon claps.
Paul applauds Emily
Trent claps
Jearl says, "yay!"
Sousa applauds
Sietse exclaims, "Vive la langue Francais! Vive 'Savoir Faire'! Vive mademoiselle Emily!"
Jacqueline applauds Emily.
Jota claps for Emily.
Iain gives Gunther a frosty look.
inky climbs up on stage.
Sargent says, "yay Savoir Faire!"
Gunther (to Iain) snickers.
Jarb chants, "Emily! Emily!"
Duchess hands gunther a blanket. You might need it
ghira says, "flooped"
ghira goes home.
</ghira> I need chocolate and ricotta cake from the kosher bakery in via Portico d'Ottavia!

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