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2000 XYZZY Awards Ceremony Transcript, Page 7

On March 11, 2001, at 1:30 P.M. EST (6:30 P.M. GMT), the XYZZY Awards Ceremony was held at ifMUD. Below is the transcript of the event, without comments made on the #peanut-gallery discussion. Should you wish to see those comments, they are also available.

Guard#0249 arrives from the west.
Guard#0531 arrives from the west.
Mona says, "hm."
jwalrus curses and leaves quietly to avoid disrupting the proceedings.
Guard#0531 and Guard #0249 ascend the stage.
MikeS cheers in Boston.
Guard#0531 clears his throat.
Hloif applauds.
Guard#0531 says, "They say that NPCs add the human element to IF..."
Guard#0531 exclaims, "...but as recent games have shown, they can also add the feline element, the canine element, or even the ursine element!"
Guard#0531 looks expectantly at Guard #0249.
Rob claps.
Guard#0249 stares dully into space
Guard#0531 taps his foot.
Guard#0249 drools
katre says, "devil says thank you to everyone"
katre says, "(I'm on phone)"
Gunther says (to katre), "yay"
inky says, "yay devil in absentia"
Grocible says, "Okay. Well. Congratulations to all the winners. I'm afraid I have yet another work-related crisis on the go, so I'll see you all later."
Grocible goes home.
</Grocible> Grocible has disconnected from ifMUD.
Hloif says (to katre), "Yay."
Guard#0531 says (to 0249), "Pssst. It's your line, idiot."
neild exclaims (at katre), "YAY DEVIL!"
Mona says, "yay devil!"
katre says, "he's sorry he can't be here"
katre says, "helping a friend move"
Guard#0249 says (to 0531), "Me not know line."
Guard#0531 says (to 0249), "Just read it off the teleprompter."
Guard#0249 says (to 0531), "Me never learned to read."
Guard#0531 says (to 0249), "Oh, for-- 'Look a bear!' Your line is 'Look a bear!'"
<Guest1> Alex says, "Awwwk! Word on the street is that you are... um, seven?"
Guard#0249 exclaims (at 0531), "A bear?! Bears is scary! Save me from bear!"
Guard#0531 sighs.
Guard#0531 says, "Okay, the nominees for Best NPCs are:"
Guard#0531 says, "Being Andrew Plotkin by Rob Wheeler..."
Gunther says, "cheer"
katre says, "yay"
caleb cheers
mcp applauds
zarf says, "yay"
dfan says, "Woo"
veek says, "yaaay""
Emily says, "yay BAP!!!"
Jota says, "Woo"
Doe applauds.
LoneCleric claps.
Kays cheers
Frisco claps
Hloif exclaims, "YAY!"
Guard#0531 says, "Galatea by Emily Short..."
BrenBarn cheers.
Mona says, "yay multiple personality game!"
stephenb cheers
katre says, "yay"
maga_dogg says, "yay"
Hloif cheers!
Sargent applauds, and applauds again.
Rob claps.
caleb cheers
neild exclaims, "Yay Galatea again!"
mclem cheers lots
Guard#0531 says, "Heroine's Mantle by Andy Phillips..."
BrenBarn continues to applaud.
wuss claps.
dfan cheers!
Frisco laps
Rob claps.
stephenb cheers
dfan cheers again
Kays applauds
Urbatain exclaims, "yea beign begingg gejfede argh!"
Sargent claps.
caleb exclaims, "yay!"
Ellison says, "yay Heroine's Mantle"
Urbatain says, "WOWWWW"
LoneCleric cheers.
Guard#0531 says, "Kaged by Ian Finley..."
Hloif claps.
Rob claps.
Doe claps.
Mona applauds.
caleb claps
dfan claps
Emily says, "yay Kaged"
Ellison says, "yay IF"
maga_dogg claps
Paul cheers for Kaged and everything else that was announced while he was AFK
Sargent applauds.
Gunther cheers
Guard#0531 says, "Punk Points by Jim Munroe..."
Frisco hoots
Urbatain says, "Bravo Kaged"
katre says, "yay"
veek claps and claps
Rob claps.
caleb claps
ander cheers more.
dfan applauds.
BoingBall claps
Paul says, "Yay punk points"
TableSaw says, "yay catholicteens!"
Guard#0531 exclaims, "...and Rameses, by Stephen Bond!"
Gunther says, "woo kaged, punk points"
Hloif claps.
LoneCleric cheers.
Kays cheers
Ellison says, "yay punk points"
Frisco never played it but claps anyway
BoingBall cheers.
dfan cheers
Paul cheers!
Rob claps.
Guard#0249 exclaims, "Rameses = condoms = impotence!"
Sargent applauds.
Urbatain claps
caleb cheers!
Mona says, "yay, stephenb again!"
Emily laughs
Doe claps.
Rob laughs.
TableSaw says, "yay"
Gunther says, "yay rameses!!"
stephenb laughs
mcp applauds the nominees
baf cheers
Guard#0531 says (to 0249), "Thank you for that."
Urbatain claps
mclem cheers the roommates for being wonderfully unpleasant.
Guard#0531 says, "And the winner is..."
Jota applauds.
Guard#0531 exclaims, "Being Andrew Plotkin!"
katre says, "yay!"
Rob says, "Whoa?!"
Emily claps wildly
BrenBarn cheers.
Tril whistles
veek says, "YAY!!"
caleb exclaims, "YAYY!!!!!"
Kays cheers wildly
TableSaw says, "Yay!"
inky claps.
LoneCleric cheers.
dfan says, "Woo!!"
stephenb exclaims, "yay!"
zarf says, "yay more"
mclem cheers the PC NPCs.
mcp cheers
Jota exclaims, "Re-ci-pe!"
Sargent says, "Woo!"
Rob stumbles to his feet.
Paul exclaims, "YAY BAP YAY BAP YAY BAP!!!"
Urbatain exclaims, "being!"
Frisco chers
Jota exclaims, "Re-ci-pe!"
Hloif CHEERS! "YAY!!!!!!!!"
zarf applauds himself in an award-winning role
Rob climbs up on stage.
Urbatain claps loudly
Oren cheers
ander cheers for an interesting game.
neild exclaims, "Aw, Zarf always wins!"
Guard#0531 leaves the auditorium to the west.
nm clps. er, claps
Mona claps wildly.
baf exclaims, "Bap! Bap! Bap! Bap!"
Guard#0249 leaves the auditorium to the west.
Gunther says (to zarf), "hee"
</Guest1> Alex forgets about the guest. "Now I don't believe in anything!"
Rob says, "Wow."
MikeS claps loudly
veek stamps feet
BrenBarn congratulates zarf -- no, wait, Rob.
eileen applauds enthusiastically
Gunther says (to Rob), "woo woo woo"
Doe applauds wildly.
Rob says, "Okay, this is really weird, because I had a dream just before I woke up today where I won this particular award."
Sargent says (to Rob), "Yay NPC drawn from real life!"
wuss exclaims, "Um, yay. YAY!"
Urbatain claps loudly
<ghira> ghira has connected to ifMUD.
wuss exclaims, "Wooo!"
Mona says, "yay twilight zone!"
<K-Y> K-Y has connected to ifMUD.
Emily says, "wackiness"
K-Y arrives from the west.
two-star not that Rob hasn't really woken up yet.
</ghira> I need chocolate and ricotta cake from the kosher bakery in via Portico d'Ottavia!
two-star says, "er notes"
Rob says, "Anyway, I'd like to thank everybody in the world, except a few bits of Delaware, for this honor"
Psmith says (to Rob), "Did you dream you won any other awards as well? I've still got time to get to the bookies."
Gunther says (to Rob), "Sorry, this is still your dream."
Rob says, "and especially Zarf, for being zarf and being an NPC and all the rest of it."
BoingBall says (to Ps), "hee hee"
<Guest1> Alex says, "Awwwk! Word on the street is that you are... um, seven?"
Urbatain claps zarf and rob
Rob says, "I'm quite pleased. Thank you, everyone."
Guest1 arrives from the west.
Emily claps again
caleb cheers
katre clap s'more
inky says, "yay Rob"
Rob tries to leave, but doesn't know which way to go.
Jota applauds
Mona twirls her moustaches. Ha-HA!
Gunther says, "heh"
Mona says, "er, um.."
MikeS cheers!
Guest1 says, "/help"
eileen has arrived.
Rob asks, "Also, do I get an award?"
Paul cheers!
Rob sits back down.
inky laughs.
(From Adam) zarf points sagely at the wall.
inky says, "get that man an award!"
Adam says, "Grr, late"
Gunther says, "IT'S DELIBERATE"
Adam says, "Whoopsie. Hang on"
inky says, "but meanwhile"
Best NPCs trophy materializes.
Adam points

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