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2000 XYZZY Awards Ceremony Transcript, Page 2

On March 11, 2001, at 1:30 P.M. EST (6:30 P.M. GMT), the XYZZY Awards Ceremony was held at ifMUD. Below is the transcript of the event, without comments made on the #peanut-gallery discussion. Should you wish to see those comments, they are also available.

inky walks up to the podium and taps the microphone a few times.
(From Gunther) MrPianoman comes out on stage.
Mona says (to Sargent), "don't try to deny it"
jwalrus laughs.
mcp whispers, "Pssst! I just got off the monorail from Lychee. Got any Silver?"
Adam says, "...and you are sufficiently white"
BoingBall says, "many microphoned scarlet podium"
Rob says (to inky), "speak UP"
inky says, "um, hEL**&$*((*@"
Adam says, "(unlike your bassist)"
markm says, "OK, folks. Banter to #peanut-gallery"
inky says, "er."
Jota doesn't applaud this one. Once burned, twice shy.
Paul says (to Adam), "Yay"
inky goes backstage and has a hurried consultation.
inky says, "man, that's the last time I hire the Failsafe guys to work on the sound system"
eileen has left.
jwalrus says, "hee"
PerrySimm has arrived.
eileen has arrived.
Adam says (to inky), "Heh"
Mona laughs.
inky says, "anyway -- welcome to the 2000 XYZZY Awards, everyone!"
<Guest3> Alex says, "Awwwk! Word on the street is that you are... um, seven?"
katre says, "yay!"
Rob claps.
Frisco says, "Yay1"
BoingBall applauds.
Mona woo-hoos.
Sargent applauds.
Tril exclaims, "Woohoo!"
caleb says, "yay"
Oren claps
Kays claps
Jarb whistles
ander claps.
Jota cheers!
mcp applauds
veek applauds
Rob claps.
JDubya cheers (again).
stephenb whoops
BrenBarn says, "Yay"
Gunther applauds.
baf jumps up and down excitedly
maga_dogg stamps his feet
Paul claps
Guest3 arrives from the west.
LoneCleric does something that seems enthusiastic, but hasn't decided what yet.

 User        On     Idle   The XYZZY Awards are brought to you by BURMA SHAVE.
 Guest3      01m11  00m22  Visiting
 BrenBarn    04m28  00m21  Busta busta busta!
 mclem       04m53  03m25
 Kiz         05m31  03m02  avoiding work
 Urbatain    05m56  00m11
 jwalrus     06m49  00m03  @execute(@getfield("3327", "doing"))
 MikeS       06m57  01m06
 baf         06m59  00m38  What a frightful load of non-sequiturs.
 dfan        07m10  03m10  You gotta be cruel to be unusual
 Gunther     07m11  00m13  i'm full of hate don't fuck with me
 Guest1      07m24  04m37  Visiting
 ander       07m34  00m10  *sigh*
 llamaboy    09m07  01m35  I still miss you...but my aim is getting better.
 maga_dogg   10m50  00m33  Oh, so people DO things on this MUD?
 Dilbon      14m24  00m09  All your Hemohes are belong to us
 nm          16m44  05m35  Translating 1200-word French palindrome
 Frisco      17m35  01m03
 caleb       36m42  00m58  trial by error
 PerrySimm   39m05  01m25
 veek        39m15  00m50  Staring at my computer screen.
 mikeo       40m20  04m03  Looking and Learning
 NamelessAdve41m24  11m49
 Ender       45m38  00m54  Pursuing a degree in Ghoggnitive Science
 Tril        49m17  00m58  Shirking
 stephenb    49m33  00m48
 Jota        50m50  00m03  I thought I changed this yesterday.
 BoingBall   50m56  01m01
 Lieut       51m20  00m00  Sargent's bidding
 Adam        51m32  00m49  staring in horror at hot pockets
 Kays        52m27  00m55  Enjoying a frozen porcine confection
 Sargent     52m33  00m15  You mean I get the smackdown for free?
 eileen      54m41  00m40
 markm       56m20  00m20  Building my home.  @joinc markm-chat today!
 JDubya      01h01  00m48  Probably sneezing.
 Paul        01h04  00m22  nailbiting
 Jaybird     01h05  18m09
 Ellison     01h05  55m52  scowling, mostly
 Rob         01h09  00m22  spread those little wings and fly
 Somad       01h09  51m45
 Oren        01h13  00m58
 LoneCleric  01h14  00m17  Playing Comp games like a (slow) maniac
 zarf        01h15  00m32  03m37
 inky        01h25  00m14  all you smart gamblers, put your money on banana
 wuss        01h39  07m37
 katre       01h45  00m28  How do you deicde who gets to wear the squid?
 Emily       01h48  00m19  Seeking an impassioned cheesemonger.
 Guest2      02h01  07m02  Visiting
 Mona        02h32  01m00  seventy-five percent of my diet is in pill form
 neild       02h33  00m02  power amblin'
 Jarb        04h10  00m54  Chaos reins.
 Hloif       14h58  00m03  Black is a moocher and I like it like that...
 mcp         17h36  00m50  Moleeds.
 Anna        01d00  00m07  Hungry... hungry... *hungry*...
*schep       01d06  14h12  ........................................
*Fink-Nottle 01d15  06h29  I wish I owned half that monkey.
 Ivan        01d22  09m07  Banzai, I'll see you in COURT! I mean, HELL!
*Ryan        01d23  01d05  Chumble spuzz.
 Alex        02d00  00m07  Awwk! Want ellipsoidal edible kernel of P. amygdalus!
 Floyd       02d00  12h32  waiting for someone to play with me
Uptime: 02d00; pollster: Ender; Users online: 59
End of List.
inky says, "before we begin, a couple administrative notes--"
Rob boos.
inky says, "first of all, NO BOOING"
inky says, "unless you're a ghost"
BrenBarn asks, "The use of recording devices is strictly prohibited by copyright law?"
inky says, "(like me)"
neild exclaims (at inky), "Yay! I mean, boo!"
inky says, "second of all, please keep general chit-chat on the #peanut-gallery channel (see help channels for details on channels), and only talk in the room for things like applause and wild cheering"
BrenBarn cheers wildly
jwalrus has disconnected.
jwalrus, a millipede, is suddenly confined to Alpha Centauri.
Jota applauds BrB's wildy cheer.
Jarb yells, "Skin to win! Er...wrong contest.."
Dilbon cheers mildly.
jwalrus arrives from the west.
Rob claps.
BrenBarn applauds cheerily.
inky says, "third, the mud has been intermittently lagged lately; we apologize for the inconvenience and hope it's fixed for the moment"
Urbatain says, "wooooohoooooooo"
inky says, "and, fourth, thanks for all the people that put in effort to make this happen: Eileen Mullin, Neil deMause, and all the other presenters"
mcp claps
BoingBall cheers.
caleb cheers
maga_dogg says, "yay"
Paul applauds *and* cheers wildly.
Rob claps.
eileen exclaims, "Right back at you, Inky!"
Kays cheers
Jarb claps and whistles...
BrenBarn applauds wildly.
BoingBall says (to Paul), "Now you're just showing off."
Rob whistles.
Jota cheers!
mclem applauds
Guest4 arrives from the west.
jwalrus says, "yay everything"
mikeo says, "@joinc peanut-gallery"
Gunther applauds!
Guest4 says, ""hello!""
<Sirrus> Sirrus has connected to ifMUD.
inky says, "oh, and if you're a new character, don't forget to type @set me = expert"
Rob claps.
Adam says, "But guests can't"
<pop> pop has connected to ifMUD.
Guest4 says, ""Sirrus, how are you? X-D ""
jwalrus says, "if you're a guest, you should get an account"
mikeo says, "@joinchannel peanut-gallery"
<mnovelli> mnovelli has connected to ifMUD.
Gunther says (to mikeo), "try without the " in front"
Urbatain says, "ey, im in the chat"

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