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2000 XYZZY Awards Ceremony Transcript, Page 6

On March 11, 2001, at 1:30 P.M. EST (6:30 P.M. GMT), the XYZZY Awards Ceremony was held at ifMUD. Below is the transcript of the event, without comments made on the #peanut-gallery discussion. Should you wish to see those comments, they are also available.

inky says, "that's kind of a tough act to follow, but I imagine the guy who managed to get a maze chosen for best puzzle can do it -- please welcome Andrew Plotkin, last year's winner for Hunter, in Darkness"
Emily claps
zarf stands up
Gunther says, "Z!"
jwalrus says, "yay!"
Rob claps
BrenBarn says, "Yay!"
katre claps
caleb claps
Paul claps
stephenb cheers.
Rob whistles!
Mona claps.
Sargent applauds.
Adam says, "Yay typing break!"
neild exclaims, "Yay old man Zarf!"
BoingBall exclaims, "Zarf! Zarf! Zarf!"
Adam says, "I mean yay zarf!"
Jota exclaims, "Hail!"
Doe applauds.
Frisco exclaims, "Yay mazes!"
Ellison says, "yay zarf"
zarf says, "Well, I'm totally unpreprared for my little task here."
Urbatain exclaims, "ANDREW!!!!"
jwalrus cheers zarf.
maga_dogg exclaims, "We are not worthy!"
ander claps.
veek cheers
Urbatain claps
Kays whistles
Mona wonders if Galatea's going to present anything...
Urbatain cheers
Guest5 says, "andrew :)"
zarf tapes a note to his forehead which says '32768 nearly identical zarfs'
Urbatain do the mokey
Urbatain do the monkey
Paul laughs.
Sargent says, "yay"
zarf says, "I will enhance this persona by saying everything 32768 times."
Mona gives banana to Urbatain.
wuss arrives from the west.
zarf says, "...randomly scrambled."
Doe says, "hehe"
Rob splac
jwalrus laughs and cheers again.
zarf says, "Or, in fact, maybe not."
zarf looks at his crib sheet.
Frisco exclaims, "whooo! extended oratory!"
Mona says (to Zarf), "but you will not make us say the secret code!"
JSJ goes home.
</JSJ> JSJ has disconnected from ifMUD.
zarf says, "Best individual puzzles of the year 2000..."
Gunther cheers
zarf says, "Let's see."
BrenBarn stomps his feet in anticipation.
Hloif applauds.
Urbatain eats the banana
zarf checks data files to see who wrote which game.
Mona whistles.
zarf says, "First nominee: 9:05 by Adam Cadre."
Rob applauds.
wuss claps.
jwalrus says, "yay"
Emily claps
nm claps and claps
Sargent claps.
caleb claps
Paul exclaims, "Yay 9:05!"
LoneCleric cheers.
zarf says, "For, apparently, 9:05 by Adam Cadre."
veek cheers
Gunther says, "woo"
katre says, "yay"
Guest5 says, "claps"
Kays cheers
Ellison claps
Sirrus claps.
BrenBarn says, "wooo"
Frisco claps
Tril exclaims, "Yay puzzleless game!"
mclem applauds
baf claps confusedly
stephenb claps.
zarf says, "Above and Beyond! by Mike Sousa"
Mona sighs.
Rob applauds.
Psmith arrives from the west.
zarf says, "For, a mannequin."
BrenBarn cheers.
Paul cheers.
nm claps further
jwalrus claps.
veek just keeps applauding
Urbatain clap
Frisco claps
<Grocible> Grocible has connected to ifMUD.
wuss claps.
caleb claps
baf exclaims, "Woohoo!"
Hloif applauds.
Ellison claps
Mona says, "yay, A&B!"
neild applauds for whatever the latest game read off is.
zarf says, "Ad Verbum, by Nick Montfort"
Emily says, "woo"
LoneCleric cheers.
veek says, "Wooo!"
zarf says, "For, fthe fletter frooms."
jwalrus says, "yay!"
wuss claps.
BoingBall says, "yay AV"
Hloif claps.
Guest5 says, "claps"
katre says, "yay"
Gunther applauds constanly
caleb exclaims, "yay!!"
Rob claps!
maga_dogg says, "yay"
Mona says, "and this one, too! Yay!"
Grocible arrives from the west.
stephenb exclaims, "yay!"
jwalrus laughs.
Kays claps
Frisco hollers, hoots, howls, hmmm...
baf jumps up and down excitedly
mclem masterfully makes merry.
zarf says (to frisco), "heh."
Sargent laughs.
Paul applauds artful achievement
ander cheers cheekily.
Jota claps claps anf claps.
<Sammy> Sammy has connected to ifMUD.
Tril applauds alliteratively
maga_dogg thumps the bleeding stumps at the end of his wrists together
baf applauds without using the letter "e"
zarf says, "Being Me, by Rob Wheeler"
Rob reacts raucously.
nm claps
zarf says, "For, for, for, for..."
Paul laughs
BoingBall breaks brown bowls belatedly.
Emily says, "WOOO"
Guest5 says, "being urbatain"
jwalrus says, "yay!"
Gunther cheers BAP
katre says, "yay"
Doe says, "hehehe"
inky says, "yay being you"
Urbatain says, "XD"
zarf says, "the recursive room. room."
wuss claps.
veek cheers
neild laughs
jwalrus claps.
caleb cheers
Urbatain says, "being me"
Jota exclaims, "Woo!"
zarf says, "Room."
Doe claps.
Paul exclaims, "Yay recursive room!!"
Rob claps for zarf being zarf.
LoneCleric cheers cheers cheers.
Urbatain exclaims, "wow!!!!!"
Mona applauds another puzzleless game!
Paul returns.
Ellison says, "yayayayayayayayayaya"
Gunther says (to zarf), "RTRUE"
Kays cheers
baf applauds recursively
Frisco claps
zarf says, "And finally, Rematch, by Andrew Pontius"
mclem applauds) applauds)
jwalrus says, "YAY!!!"
neild exclaims, "Yay devil!"
katre says, "yay!"
maga_dogg says, "yay rematch"
Rob applauds.
Gunther says, "woo woo"
wuss claps.
nm claps, restarts, claps, restarts
Emily says, "yay"
Guest5 says, "la caņa of spain"
Mona fallso over, applauding.
Paul cheers
Rob whistles.
Sargent cheers.
zarf says, "For rematch."
jwalrus cheers lots and lots.
wuss claps.
caleb claps
Hloif cheers.
Ellison says, "Rematch kicks all kinds of ass"
Urbatain exclaims, "OLEEE!"
LoneCleric cheers widly, but fails to break the cycle.
jwalrus says, "yay yay yay!"
mclem cheers the bore in the corner
Frisco yells like a little school girl!
zarf says, "Before I open the envelope, let me say what a pleasure it's been to be named on the nominee list three times as often as anyone else."
<TableSaw> OK, maybe having a robot butler would get annoying after a while.
jwalrus laughs.
BrenBarn chuckles.
BoingBall says (to zarf), "No."
ander grins.
Emily says, "heh"
jwalrus claps for everyone.
Rob claps.
Urbatain exclaims, "ZARF RULES!"
Mona says, "we need the Clapper here."
zarf looks around for an envelope.
Guest5 says, "zak rules :)"
TableSaw arrives from the west.
Urbatain exclaims, "ZAK TOO!"
Guest5 says, "byes! :D"
Guest5 leaves the auditorium to the west.
zarf begins to look nervous
</Guest5> Alex forgets about the guest. "Now I don't believe in anything!"
inky says (to zarf), "it's, um, to build up the anticipation"
Rob applauds awkward silence.
Mona coughs to fill the break.
Urbatain exclaims, "ZARF, tell a joke!"
Frisco exclaims, "Yay presenter anxiety!"
zarf says, "Four fried chickens and the Pope walk into a bar..."
wuss waits, patiently.
zarf says, "Oh, here it is."
Rob claps
zarf says, "The wnner is Rematch!"
katre says, "YAY!"
Rob says, "whoa!!"
Urbatain says, "and...."
maga_dogg says, "YAYYYY"
Hloif claps politely.
wuss claps.
Mona says, "alright!"
veek applauds
Psmith says, "Yay!"
Kays cheers
Paul exclaims, "Yay rematch!!"
neild exclaims, "WOOHOO!"
Ellison says, "yay!"
Rob applauds.
inky claps.
</Kincaid99> Kincaid99 has disconnected from ifMUD.
zarf applauds
nm cheers
Emily says, "yay Rematch!"
BrenBarn claps and claps.
TableSaw applauds.
LoneCleric exclaims, "WOOHOO!"
jwalrus says, "YAAAAAY!!!!"
Oren claps
Jota applauds.
Gunther says, "YAY REMATCH"
ander cheers loudly.
stephenb exclaims, "yay!"
mclem cheers, then dies.
caleb exclaims, "yay!"
dfan cheers!
maga_dogg says, "Well-deserved"
Sargent says, "Woo!"
Kiz says, "yay devil!"
jwalrus cheers lots and lots.
MikeS cheers!
zarf asks, "Is the dude here?"
Rob claps.
Mona cheers even lotter and lotter!
zarf says, "Guess not."
Sargent says, "Let's speak of the devil."
BoingBall waves to devil reading the log.
BrenBarn recites arcane incantations.
zarf holds up the trophy on devil's behalf.
Urbatain claps
Gunther says, "congrats devil"
mcp cheers
Paul cheers
caleb claps
Rob cheers for devil.
Emily cheers
neild says, "He's in Boston."
ander cheers for the absent.
veek says, "congrats, devil!"
BrenBarn cheers for devil.
Frisco claps, again.
Ellison claps
zarf sits down and waits to win something.
Jota cheers for sneaky devils.
Rob cheers for Boston, too.
Doe claps.
jwalrus claps.
Rob claps.

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