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2000 XYZZY Awards Ceremony Transcript, Page 5

On March 11, 2001, at 1:30 P.M. EST (6:30 P.M. GMT), the XYZZY Awards Ceremony was held at ifMUD. Below is the transcript of the event, without comments made on the #peanut-gallery discussion. Should you wish to see those comments, they are also available.

Sierra arrives from the west.
Gunther says, "ew"
Guest6 says, "applaud"
LoneCleric whistles.
Gunther says, "Miss Sierra!"
Sierra says, "I'm supposed to present the award for Best Non-Player Character."
Rob claps.
BrenBarn says, "Wahoo!"
katre says, "yay"
Mona claps.
maga_dogg wolf-whistles
Gunther cheers
pop goes home.
</pop> pop has disconnected from ifMUD.
Sierra says, "But since it's been THIRTEEN MONTHS and I still haven't gotten the medal I supposedly won last year, you all can fucking bite me. Bye."
caleb applauds
jwalrus laughs.
Sierra storms off.
Tril laughs
Sierra leaves the auditorium to the west.
Emily laughs
Jota cheers!
Sargent laughs.
Rob claps.
Gunther says, "hee"
inky says, "but .. but.."
mclem giggles.
BoingBall cheers and applauds.
Mona snickers.
stephenb claps.
LoneCleric fucking bites her.
Charlotte arrives from the west.
Frisco looks around uncomfortably
Doe says, "hehehe"
jwalrus says, "YAY"
</mnovelli> mnovelli has disconnected from ifMUD.
Charlotte jumps up on stage
Guest6 goes home.
</Guest6> This little guesty stayed home.
MikeS chuckles...
Gunther says, "Woo!"
Charlotte exclaims, "silence! i claim this microphone in the name of france!"
inky looks relieved.
Emily says, "yay Charlotte!"
Rob claps.
Guest1 goes home.
</Guest1> Alex forgets about the guest. "Now I don't believe in anything!"
Hloif exclaims, "Hee!"
Jota exclaims, "Yay!"
jwalrus says, "yay charlotte!!"
mcp laughs
BrenBarn says, "yay"
Sargent cheers.
maga_dogg exclaims, "yay!"
ander cheers in the name of Charlotte!
caleb exclaims, "yay!"
mclem exclaims, "Yay backup presenters!"
Charlotte says, "so, let's see. best npc."
Charlotte says, "first, we have a king, from augmented fourth by brian uri."
wuss claps.
caleb claps
LoneCleric claps.
jwalrus says, "yay king"
llamaboy claps.
Guest5 says, "claps"
Mona claps.
Emily claps
Gunther applauds
Rob claps.
katre claps
Charlotte says, "when i was a little girl my daddy took me to meet king augmented iv over in westphalia... he was a furry little man who kept licking my face."
BrenBarn says, "Yay"
Charlotte says, "wait, maybe that was a dog."
Gunther says, "ew"
MikeS claps
Paul claps
Mona says, "eww"
Urbatain claps, but no me entero de na XD
jwalrus laughs.
Frisco claps for the most underrated game this year.
Jota claps.
Sargent claps.
Charlotte says, "then there's melvin from being andrew plotkin by rob wheeler."
Gunther says, "YAY BAP"
katre says, "yay"
K-Y applauds.
LoneCleric claps.
Doe claps.
Emily claps
wuss claps.
jwalrus says, "yay androids"
BrenBarn cheers.
caleb exclaims, "hurrah!"
Mona applauds Melvin.
Paul claps claps claps
veek applauds wildly
jwalrus claps.
Charlotte says, "i tried being andrew plotkin once, but when i tried walking through the wall i didn't go anywhere."
nm appluds
Kiz yays
jwalrus laughs.
zarf says, "heh"
inky says, "yay"
Gunther says (to Charlotte), "except hospital"
Emily says, "woo"
Sargent laughs.
BoingBall says, "hee hee"
Charlotte exclaims, "though after i hit my head enough times i *did* get the thing with the colored light flaring around me. it was coooool!"
Frisco claps
Jota laughs!
caleb laughs
jwalrus laughs.
Rob smiles.
Tril grins
BrenBarn laughs.
maga_dogg laughs
Mona says, "yay ganja!"
Gunther says (to Mona), "boo!"
Mona says, "um, er.."
Charlotte says, "next up is the alien in failsafe by jon ingold."
Guest5 says, "astral :D"
LoneCleric cheers.
K-Y applauds.
Urbatain says, "JAJAJAJA"
BrenBarn claps.
Rob claps.
jwalrus says, "woo!"
Mona says, "yayayay!"
Charlotte exclaims, "grr, all these aliens coming in and taking jobs from us hard-working npcs!"
caleb cheers
wuss claps.
Kays claps
Gunther says (to Charlotte), "SPOILERS!"
Charlotte says, "we should build a big *fence*."
Paul chee *crackle* claps!
Sargent applauds.
Tril applauds for a game she hasn't played. Yay!
Frisco claps
Rob claps.
jwalrus laughs!
Charlotte says, "and then we have galatea from galatea by emily short, which i did not personally like because it's so unfair."
Rob cheers.
K-Y applauds.
Frisco contracts the clap.
maga_dogg exclaims, "yay!"
katre says, "yay"
Mona says, "wah-hoo!"
caleb exclaims, "YAY!!"
Charlotte says, "talk to a hunk of rock shaped like a chick and that's artsy, but talk to a hunk of rock shaped like a hunk of rock and ohhh, suddenly you must be *crazy* because rocks don't talk or whatever. such a double standard."
BrenBarn says, "Yay"
neild exclaims, "Yay Galatea!"
BoingBall cheers.
wuss claps.
Frisco says, "hurrah"
Paul exclaims, "Yay galatea!"
Sargent cheers.
inky says, "yay"
jwalrus cracks up.
Gunther says, "hee!"
Doe cheers.
Mona giggles.
Charlotte says, "lastly, we have angela from my angel by jon ingold, who hears her love's thoughts in her head."
Paul laughs.
Rob claps.
Hloif exclaims, "YAY Galatea!"
LoneCleric cheers.
BrenBarn applauds.
K-Y applauds.
markm claps with one hand and waves with the other.
Sargent claps.
jwalrus cheers.
Kays cheers
Paul cheers for My Angel.
caleb claps
wuss claps.
Doe claps.
Emily claps
Guest5 says, "claps"
Frisco applauds
Charlotte exclaims, "i hear my love's thoughts in my head too, but he mostly says things like 'it's cold down here' and 'decomposing hurts' and stuff. whine whine whine!"
mclem cheers for them all once more
jwalrus laughs.
ander giggles.
katre says, "hee hee"
Charlotte says, "and the winner is..."
Charlotte exclaims, "...galatea!"
jwalrus cheers for everyone.
Gunther falls over
katre says, "YAY"
Mona says, "shoo-in!"
veek claps
Paul cheers!
BoingBall exclaims, "Hooray for Galatea!"
inky cheers.
mcp cheers
jwalrus says, "YAY!"
Oren applauds
ander cheers!
Sargent cheers loudly.
K-Y applauds.
maga_dogg says, "well, it had to be."
stephenb cheers!
caleb cheers wildly
neild exclaims, "Yay obvious choice!"
dfan says, "Yay!!"
Frisco exclaims, "Yay1!"
Kays claps
Gunther says, "woo"
Doe claps wildy.
nm applauds
jwalrus says, "woo galatea!"
Rob applauds!
Hloif exclaims, "YAY!!!"
BrenBarn cheers!
Hloif applauds.
Mona says (to Emily), "well deserved!"
mclem cheers
Emily gets up and tries not to trip on her dress
Charlotte leaves the auditorium to the west.
maga_dogg says (to emily), "congratulations, and curse you for raising the standard"
llamaboy claps for Galatea.
inky says (to Em), "give us a conversation topic or two!"
Jota applauds, cheers, and wildly exhibits y'know, appreciation and stuff.
Paul congratulates Emily.
jwalrus says (to Emily), "yay!"
zarf claps
BrenBarn applauds for Emily.
BoingBall says (to inky), "hee hee"
Kiz cheers
Emily says, "um, so. it's almost exactly a year ago that I was buried up to my ears in code for this, and it seemed completely out of hand and impossible that it would ever get finished."
Sargent says (to Emily), "Aw."
eileen applauds happily
MikeS cheers!!
jwalrus cheers more.
maga_dogg throws confetti
Rob says, "hurrah"
wuss claps.
Adam says, "Whoops, forgot this"
Emily says, "but, um, the response has been more generous than I could have hoped. Thank you muchly, especially if you're one of the people who sent suggestions for v2."
Iain has disconnected.
Iain goes home.
Adam gives Best Use of Medium trophy to Emily.
Adam says, "Whoops"
Emily says (to Adam), "wrong one!"
zarf says, "hey!"
Adam gives Best Individual NPC trophy to Emily.
inky laughs.
BrenBarn says, "Ha!"
Adam says, "There we go."
Sargent says (to Adam), "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE."
Gunther says, "FAKE TROPHIES!"
jwalrus laughs.
Adam says, "Now gimme mine back."
BrenBarn says, "YAY"
Gunther calls The Sun
Emily tries to figure out how to give it back
maga_dogg says (to adam), "yay."
BoingBall laughs
Emily gives Best Use of Medium trophy to Adam.
Emily says, "There we go."
Adam says, "Yay"
neild exclaims, "Yay trophy mugging!"
dfan says, "Emily is clearly the best NPC of the last year"
Emily says, "I talk, I don't manipulate inventory"
BoingBall exclaims, "Yay emoted giving!"
K-Y descends the stairs, and lets himself out of the Lounge.
</K-Y> Your alternate exit is: DEATH
BrenBarn | @steal trophy=adam
Rob claps crazy wacky slapstick handoff routine.
Emily waves and sits down
Rob applauds it, also.
BrenBarn cheers some more.
Guest5 says, "claps"
Mona claps. Again.
wuss has disconnected.
wuss goes home.
Frisco exclaims, "2 new winners! Cool!"
<Kincaid99> Kincaid99 has connected to ifMUD.
<Psmith> Psmith is.

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