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2007 XYZZY Awards Ceremony Transcript

On March 9th, 2008, at 4:00 P.M. EDT, the XYZZY Awards Ceremony was held at ifMUD. Below is the transcript of the event, not including side-comments that those in attendance made on the #peanut-gallery channel. Should you wish to see those comments, a version with those comments is also available.


lpsmith says, "Well, with five awards safely awarded, it looks like we've reached the halfway point in our show."
ctate walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice him approaching it from the other side.
duesen asks, "safely???"
McMartin says, "Jacqueline got better."
lpsmith says, "This year we're trying a true multimedia presentation."
djfletch changes ends
Celestianpower gets up to buy some very expensive ice cream
Eric cranks the handle of the barrel-organ.
lpsmith says, "So if you'll all point your browsers at , I'll introduce Jason Scott, it's creator, to come up here and tell you about it."
lpsmith says, "(Note that the embedded flash doesn't seem to work with IE6, so try the download instead if you're using that.)"
VictorGijsbers says, "Doesn't work in Gnash either."
jscott bounds up to the podium.
jscott says, "Well, hello, everyone."
VictorGijsbers says, "But the download is quick."
Jacqueline applauds for Jason.
lpsmith says, "Wow, I haven't even heard of Gnash."
jscott says, "As you're no doubt entirely too aware, I've been hanging around for the last couple years, while filming a documentary about text adventures."
VictorGijsbers says, "Gnash is a free Flash implementation."
Otto says, ""It seems to work fine on Firefox / linux""
jscott says, "If you aren't, OK, then. I'm making a documentary about text adventures, called "Get Lamp"."
jscott says, "It's at Anyway."
duesen exclaims, "nice camera job!"
Jacqueline says, "Hooray Get Lamp."
jscott says, "I've been filming it for the past couple of years, got a good swath of a lot of you, plus a lot of other folks."
jscott says, "I know there's been some skepticism about such a project and the idea of it and a bunch of other questions."
duesen asks, "which computer is tat?"
jscott says, "But I hope that, when the film comes out later this year, you'll find it a pleasant addition to your libraries, either downloaded or bought."
Merk exclaims (at jscott), "Looking forward to it! I have your BBS documentary and (still) haven't watched it yet. Will, though! Soon! Sometime!"
duesen says, "*that*"
jscott says, "The trailer a bunch of you are downloading right now is the first time it's been shown anywhere."
Otto says, ""nice trailer !""
jscott says, "My producer/wife already has a dozen changes she wants, so consider this a special XYZZY awards version."
Sargent says, "Yay trailer!"
duesen asks, "is that an Apple?"
Celestianpower goes home.
</Celestianpower> Celestianpower has disconnected from ifMUD.
Taleslinger asks, "This is the chance. Does anyone note a canadian accent in DavidW's bit about imagination?"
jscott says, "I'll be editing this for the next billion years, going through 120 hours of footage, and, like I said, hope it'll be this year."
jscott says, "It's looking like it'll be multiple films, covering a bunch of related subjects."
<Celestianpower> Celestianpower has connected to ifMUD.
jscott says, "Anyway, I set off on this like my previous film, with a few folks believing in me, some knowing something would come out the other end worth checking out, and quite a few people thinking I was batguano insane."
Recchi arrives from the west.
Emily says (to Recchi), "the man with a rash!"
jscott says, "I just wanted to say, this has been well worth it."
Jacqueline says, "Yay."
Gunther says, "that is a mere 40 DVDs!"
jscott says, "An excellent way to spend a few years. I suggest it to anyone."
Recchi asks, "What the?"
Taleslinger says (to jscott), "You are so yayed, man."
Celestianpower walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice it approaching it from the other side.
jscott says, "As I side note, in case anyone wonders if this is worth it..."
VictorGijsbers says, "Looks good."
Emily says, "woo"
jscott says, "I spent all yesterday in Steve Meretzky's basement, scanning from his dozens of notebooks, thousands of memos and dozens of collected games."
Eric Nice trailer.
Jota says, "Woo."
Eric says, "Nice trailer."
McMartin says, "Impressive."
jscott says, "Tell me at 13 when I first played planetfall that I'd be doing that, and I'd have spit out my soda."
zarf says, "neat"
Taleslinger says (to jscott), "That sounds like a game premise."
Jacqueline laughs at Jason.
jscott says, "Anyway, if anyone has any questions, I'll answer them."
Ellison says, "wow"
jscott says, "Otherwise, thanks for letting me into your lives, a little bit."
Taleslinger asks (of jscott), "Will this be sold commercially?"
lpsmith cheers!
duesen asks, "what's the final running time?"
jscott says, "Sold commercial, licensed creative commons."
djfletch cheers documentarian
Taleslinger asks (of jscott), "International shipping?"
jscott says, "I expect it will be 3-5 films, totalling a few hours, and then more hours of bonus features."
jscott says, "International shipping, always."
duesen says, "incredible"
Celestianpower says, "Golly gosh"
zarf asks, "Can we pass this URL aorund blogs and stuff?"
jscott says, "Subtitled, blind-accessible/descripive video."
VictorGijsbers asks, "Any idea what the topics of those films will be, specifically?"
zarf asks, "Or is it strictly 'oh god must edit more'?"
Jaybird exclaims, "Wow! Descrictive!"
jscott says, "You can pass the URL around, but it's going to disappear tomorrow. :)"
zarf says, "ok then :)"
lpsmith says, "If anyone was wondering, the people in there were Nick Montfort (Voice), David Welbourn (Voice), Dennis Jerz, Scott Adams, Dave Lebling, Steve Meretzky, Adam Cadre, and finally Robb Sherwin.""
olethros asks, "url?"
Recchi asks, "Where is this?"
lpsmith says (to Recchi), ""
Ellison says, "hey Recchi"
jscott says, "Bearing in mind a lot of editing must be done, I will have a special infocom film, a special film about the real colossal cave, and of course the main movie."
jscott waves and heads down to the camera bank under the stage.
lpsmith exclaims, "Thanks, Jason!"
zarf cheers
Emily says, "thanks for the preview"

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