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2007 XYZZY Awards Ceremony Transcript

On March 9th, 2008, at 4:00 P.M. EDT, the XYZZY Awards Ceremony was held at ifMUD. Below is the transcript of the event, not including side-comments that those in attendance made on the #peanut-gallery channel. Should you wish to see those comments, a version with those comments is also available.


Massive Auditorium
Puffs of steam from underneath the main stage nearly obscure the glowing electric bulbs spelling out "2007 XYZZY AWARDS". The seats in the auditorium are padded with velvet and held together by polished brass knobs, allowing their gearing to be adjusted to any comfort level desired, while beneath each seat is a vacuum tube, allowing for the convenient passage of messages while the ceremony goes on. Finally, the walls themselves conceal banks of machinery, which clatter and whirr as they shift constantly between images of IF scenes past and present.

You can see: READ THIS PLEASE, xyzzy drinking game, a chalkboard listing the XYZZY Award winners
Players: lpsmith, Emily, Eric, Merk, VictorGijsbers
Visible> Exits: west
lpsmith hollers, "Auditorium is open!"
Gunther hollers, "no it isn't"
</Ellison> Soon we shall contrive somehow to be born from an idea.
</yandexx> yandexx has disconnected from ifMUD.
lpsmith hollers, "Really?"
Gunther hollers, "yes"
Sargent materializes.
DavidW hollers, "little awards show, little awards show, let us in"
<yandexx> yandexx has connected to ifMUD.
Gunther arrives from the west.
Thrax arrives from the west.
baf arrives from the west.
lpsmith arrives from the west.
DavidW arrives from the west.
Jota arrives from the west.
Taleslinger arrives from the west.
duesen arrives from the west.
McMartin arrives from the west.
Jaybird arrives from the west.
yandexx arrives from the west.
zarf arrives from the west.
Ellison arrives from the west.
Jacqueline arrives from the west.
zarf says, "okay then"
Thrax grabs a front-row seat.
Baryon arrives from the west.
Emerald arrives from the west.
lpsmith hollers, "There we go."
Celestianpower arrives from the west.
Guenni arrives from the west.
Gunther sets applaudinator to auto-applaud mode from now on
Jota leaves the auditorium to the west.
Allen arrives from the west.
McMartin takes a comfy chair in the fifth row
yandexx finds a seat
Storme arrives from the west.
Allen says, "all the seats are taken!"
Jacqueline asks (of Gunther), "Do you have a spare applaudinator?"
Sargent says, "That's why you bring your own"
Gunther says (to Jacqueline), "sure"
McMartin says (to Allen), "Yeah, someone did a > TAKE ALL"
Miseri arrives from the west.
VictorGijsbers plays festive music on a barrel organ.
Eric sings along
Jacqueline settles in to a comfortable seat and sips her champagne.
Taleslinger lights a cigarette.
baf says, "Man. If I had stayed in the lounge, seating would be plentiful."
Taleslinger says (to baf), "Ha ha ha"
duesen spills popcorn over the floor
Jota arrives from the west.
Guenni Guenni sits down
Miseri walks down the red carpet, mugging for the papparazzi.
Sargent says, "Next year we'll re-route the jumbotron to show the ceremony in the adventurer's l*"
Nitku arrives from the west.
Eric reclines languidly on the nearest couch]
yandexx whistles
baf sits on one of the escher chairs resting on the wall.
Thrax says (to Sargent), "the wiring in this place is really"
Thrax says, "old"
Thrax says, "so that's asking for trouble"
Dave arrives from the west.
Gunther gives applaudinator to Jacq.
Jearl arrives from the west.
olethros arrives from the west.
<djfletch> djfletch has connected to ifMUD.
Guest1 arrives from the west.
zarf asks, "Quick round of hucka-bucka-beanstalk while we wait?"
duesen asks, "where is the bathroom?"
Miseri says (to Thrax), "Nonsense, this place is perfectly good and will last for years, yet."
Gunther says, "absolutely"
Ellison laughs
djfletch arrives from the west.
Miseri sits under the swaying chandelier.
lpsmith says (to Miseri), "Careful! Our insurance policy lapsed this year."
Thrax says (to zarf), "inky always cheats and hides a beanstalk up his sleeve"
Gunther sits in Box 21
Thrax says (to Miseri), "the inspectors aren't very careful"

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