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2006 XYZZY Awards Ceremony Transcript

On March 4th, 2006, at 5:00 P.M. EST (11:00 P.M. GMT), the XYZZY Awards Ceremony was held at ifMUD. Below is the transcript of the event, not including side-comments that those in attendance made on the #peanut-gallery channel. Should you wish to see those comments, a version with those comments is also available.


lpsmith says, "OK, on with the second half of the ceremony."
Eluchil says, "Don't die Rob"
lpsmith says, "I'm up again, this time with the nominees for 'Best Puzzles'."
lpsmith says, "As you might expect, we have some repeats from the 'Best Puzzle' list."
RootShell_ifreviews says, "i think it's safe to say ... that all agree that nobody dies during this ceremony..."
lpsmith says, "In fact, some of the games are pretty much nothing more than one or two extended puzzles to begin with."
lpsmith says, "So, the nominees are:"
lpsmith says, "Delightful Wallpaper, by Andrew Plotkin as "Edgar O. Weyrd""
Eluchil claps
Rob claps
Kelby claps.
Emerald applauds.
djfletch claps
Ben claps.
DavidW claps
a_magical_me claps
McMartin claps
lambda cheers
lpsmith says, "M?bius, by J. D. Clemens"
olethros claps
Emerald claps.
Kelby claps again.
lambda applauds
Ben claps
djfletch cl?ps
Baryon applauds
a_magical_me applauds, even
McMartin says, "Yay Mobius""
Eluchil claps
lpsmith says, "The Elysium Enigma, by Eric Eve"
Emerald claps.
Kelby applauds.
lambda cheers
Eluchil claps enigmatically
Ben claps
Rob claps
DarkStar claps
nm claps
DavidW says, "yay game I haven't played yet"
McMartin cheers
Newington applauds
lpsmith says, "The Traveling Swordsman, by Mike Snyder"
Rob claps
Eluchil claps
Ben claps
Kelby cheers.
Emerald applauds.
McMartin claps for the Swordsman
Baryon cheers and claps
lpsmith says, "And finally: The Warlord, The Princess & The Bulldog, by David Whyld"
Rob claps
Rob says, "whoa, whyld"
Baryon claps
Eluchil claps
Kelby claps.
Ben claps.
RootShell_ifreviews says, "cute game name"
Emerald claps for the only XYZZY game she didn't finish
inky says, "folks are whyld about his puzzles"
DavidW says, "yes, it's Whyld"
McMartin claps for the Spring Thing
Rob says, "all it's missing is a long glass of sherbet"
lpsmith says, "OK, this time I'm *staying on the stage*."
inky says, "the bulldog drank it"
GregB says, "This cheer brought to you by David Whyld... since he recently send me a donation"
lpsmith pulls out the envelope.
Eluchil says, "mmm orange sherbet"
Rob moves the stage 20 feet to the left.
McMartin exclaims, "cunning!"
lpsmith exclaims, "It's a good thing I did! Delightful Wallpaper, by Andrew Plotkin!"
Rob claps for zarf (again!?)
inky says, "woo!"
DavidW says, "yay!"
Eluchil Cheers
Kelby claps.
DavidW says, "DW wins again!"
lambda cheers!
Emerald applauds heartily.
Kelby exclaims, "Yeah!"
a_magical_me claps for the delightful mobius enigma of the traveling warlord
Flit hits the backs of his palms together in a vain attempt to stand out (but it doesn't make much noise)
McMartin claps
eileen applauds and applauds
Ben claps feverishly.
inky says (to DavidW), "hee hee"
DarkStar applauds
JDC has the intention of cheering.
lpsmith puts the award just outside the foyer. Zarf can collect it himself.
olethros says, "hooray!"
Rob says, "hey look, awards. <take all>"
lpsmith says, "And we have another letter for 'Ask an IF PC'."
a_magical_me says, ""which all do you mean?""
lpsmith says, "D.G. from Philadelphia writes, "I'm currently a senior in High School. How do I get into the college of my choice?""
GregB contemplates typing "get award"
Christabel takes the stage.
Christabel says, "It's important to remember: Getting *accepted* to college is one thing--getting *in* to the college is something else entirely.""
Rob claps
McMartin pfft
DavidW says, "ha ha"
Rob says, "tickle the hobo"
Recchi says, "haha"
Kelby laughs. "Oh yeah."
student_from_Lurking_Horror exclaims, "Whatever you do, don't do what *I* did. I almost got killed!"
cendare says (to Rob), "That's a euphemism I hadn't heard before."
Rob waggles his eyebrows
Private_from_Mobious says, "Well, in the military I don't have a lot of room to manage my investments, but I always buy war bonds and --"
lno leaves the auditorium to the west.
Private_from_Mobious materializes on stage.
Private_from_Mobious says (to Private), "you're in the wrong loop, stupid"
RootShell_ifreviews leaves the auditorium to the west.
Private_from_Mobious says, "Now, to answer *this* question: A ten-year commitment is a big deal; you really need to think about what you want to say. Talk about all the things you've learned so far, and what you hope to learn together in the future."
Allen says, "ha ha"
lelandpaul goes home.
Emily says, "yay"
RootShell_ifreviews arrives from the west.
dfan arrives from the west.
inky nudges Private.
lpsmith steps forward and whispers something in Private's ear.
Private_from_Mobius says, "what, me too? oh, it'll make sense later"
Private_from_Mobius says (to Private), "c'mon, we've got that doubles tennis match."
Private_from_Mobius and clone disappear.
DavidW applauds actor and reactor
lpsmith says, "You try and plan for these things..."

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