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2006 XYZZY Awards Ceremony Transcript

On March 4th, 2006, at 5:00 P.M. EST (11:00 P.M. GMT), the XYZZY Awards Ceremony was held at ifMUD. Below is the transcript of the event, not including side-comments that those in attendance made on the #peanut-gallery channel. Should you wish to see those comments, a version with those comments is also available.


lpsmith says, "Next up! We have the 'Best Individual PC' award! And, here to present, Dan Shiovitz, better known to us on the MUD as 'inky'."
Eluchil exclaims, "Yay, inky!"
lambda exclaims, "Yay!"
Kelby exclaims, "Inky!"
Ben cheers.
Celestianpower cheers
npc1 walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice it approaching it from the other side.
inky sends his pod down to stage level and hops out onto the platform.
Guest1 exclaims, "The Dame!"
DavidW says, "in-KY! in-KY!"
a_magical_me cheers
Kelby claps.
Newington claps
Guest2 applauds, but wonders where blinky pinky and sue are
Baryon stands and claps
olethros says, "yay inky!"
inky says, "The PC is both the most important and least important part of the game"
nm's head asplodes
Eluchil nods
DavidW says, "oopsy. Logic fault."
Celestianpower nods impatiently
inky says, "The most important because the story is built around it -- without the PC, there is no game"
jermer goes home.
Kelby says, "Of course, of course. That makes total sense..."
inky says, "But the least important, because the player takes on the role of the PC to some extent, replacing whatever the author put in"
olethros says, "sshh"
Guest1 says, "Inky, your hips look different..."
Eluchil nods sagely
inky says, "the titles of this year's nominees for Best Individual PC reflect this division, with three of the games arguably being named after the PC, and the other two being named instead after something with flowers on it"
Guest2 takes offense, because he most certainly was not like the PC in Chicks Dig JErks
inky says, "so with no further ado, the nominees for Best Individual PC are ..."
inky says, "the PC in Delightful Wallpaper!"
Eluchil claps
DavidW says, "ooh. Delightful!"
Emerald claps.
lpsmith cheers.
Emily says, "woo"
inky says, "by Andrew Plotkin, I add hastily"
olethros says, "go go go go multicoloured flowers"
djfletch claps non-physically
Kelby says, "Delightful. Absolutely gushingly delicious."
Gunther says, "*and* flowery"
DarkStar claps
lambda cheers
Roger says, "Yay Edgar."
Allen asks, "that Plotkin character had a game this year??"
Rob claps for anonymous zarf
Celestianpower Spiffing
Ben claps.
inky says, "Legion, in Legion (by Jason Devlin as "Ian Anderson")"
Eluchil claps
Kelby exclaims, "Legion! Go!"
Emerald claps.
cendare walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice her approaching it from the other side.
inky says, "PC in The Baron (a.k.a. De Baron), by Victor Gijsbers"
McMartin notices his soda bottles applauding
Ben claps.
Rob claps several times over for Legion
McMartin claps
Celestianpower claps respectfully
Eluchil claps
Newington claps!
Emerald claps.
lambda claps
DavidW says, "yay PC!"
Marvin arrives from the west.
DarkStar claps
Rob claps for the winningest game of the year (so far)
inky says, "the PC in The Primrose Path (by Nolan Bonvouloir)"
Ben claps
olethros says, "hooray, Baron"
Kelby exclaims, "GO Victor! And Jason! And Zarf! Go all o y'all!"
McMartin applauds
olethros says, "hooray, Primrose"
Eluchil claps
inky says, "(this PC guy is scooping in all the nominations, I tell you)"
DavidW says, "yay another PC!"
djfletch claps
Emerald applauds.
Celestianpower exclaims, "Go Nolan!"
Baryon claps enthusiastically
Ben claps
Rob claps just because he likes the name "Bonvouloir"
Kelby exclaims, "Primrose!"
inky says, "and the PC in The Traveling Swordsman (by Mike Snyder as Anonymous)"
lpsmith claps!
Kelby exclaims, "WIn!"
Ben claps
Emerald applauds.
DavidW says, "PC for the win!"
lambda applauds
Roger claps VERY LOUDLY.
Eluchil claps
Rob claps for the Snyderman
Baryon applauds energetically
Kelby claps heartily.
olethros says, "hooray, Swordsman!"
McMartin claps
Celestianpower is rooting for the PC
eileen wonders if it's PC to applaud the PC
nm claps for 'em all
Eluchil roots for PC
inky whips the envelope out of his pocket.
inky says, "and the winner is ..."
inky says, "the PC in Delightful Wallpaper, by Andrew Plotkin as "Edgar O. Weyrd"!"
Flit claps claps claps and claps some some!
Emily claps
Emerald claps.
Celestianpower woo
lambda cheers!
DarkStar cheer!
Ben applauds.
djfletch says, "wooooooo"
eileen cheers and cheers
McMartin places an applause intention in the Auditorium
DavidW says, "hoorays!"
olethros says, "Excellent!"
lpsmith cheers!
Eluchil cheers
cendare claps weirdly
Newington applauds
aaronius claps
JDC cheers.
Marvin says, "Yay."
VictorGijsbers claps.
a_magical_me claps
Roger claps, moves into a different room, claps, then moves back.
Celestianpower says, "Well done, sir"
Kelby cheers, jumping up and down, but then stops when he realizes he's going to fall out of his seet. He then just claps.
Rob says, "Weyrd, zarf won"
nm claps for zarf and his A. Weyrd
inky says, "zarf unfortunately had to leave, but I am sure he will be happy to make a speech on the newsgroup at some later date"
Rob claps
inky climbs back in his pod and zooms away from the stage again.
Eluchil says, "speach on r.a.i-f! speach on r.a.i._f"
Rob asks, "who was that masked pod?"
Gunther says, "or, if not on raif, then on"
lpsmith returns to the stage. "This year, we implemented a special feature: We solicited your requests for advice on various topics, and have various PCs here today with us to answer them!
DavidW asks, "recipes?"
Eluchil says, "mmm cheese..."
lpsmith says, "So, our first letter:"
lpsmith says, "Lonely in NC writes: "There's this girl that I like, but I'm not sure how to tell her. What should I do?""
Guest3 walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice it approaching it from the other side.
Guest3 says, "hello to all"
generic_adventurer takes the stage.
generic_adventurer says, "Well, a lot depends on the conversation system you're using. If it's menu-based, that can be the simplest--just start your conversation with TALK TO GIRL, then choose options until you see one you like."
generic_adventurer says, "If it's keyword based, you might have a rougher time, though you might get lucky with ASK GIRL ABOUT GIRL or TELL GIRL ABOUT ME. You might even try ASK GIRL ABOUT ME if you're feeling brave."
Rob says, "googlestalk her, that always helps"
Eluchil waves as:
generic_adventurer says, "If conversation seems to not be well implemented, try SHOW or GIVE with anything you can find. And don't give up if she seems uninterested--being uninterested is a sign of under-implementation, and won't hurt your future chances."
generic_adventurer says, "If things don't work out, don't despair--you can always UNDO and try again."
DavidW says, "I like to show things."
Allen asks, "who cast Zifmia on the generic adventurer in the mirror?"
inky says (to DW), "man, just be careful what you show"
Englishwoman_from_Plundered_Hearts says (to generic_adventurer), "Oh, don't be silly--swoop in on a rope, and rescue her from her dastardly pursuer. And then..."
lelandpaul walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice it approaching it from the other side.
Englishwoman_from_Plundered_Hearts says, "Whoops"
inky claps.
Englishwoman_from_Plundered_Hearts says (to generic_adventurer), "Oh, don't be silly--swoop in on a rope, and rescue her from her dastardly pursuer. And then..."
Englishwoman says, "give her a turn on the rope."
Eluchil smiles
DavidW says, "golly. An Englishwoman."
olethros says, "heee"
Kelby exclaims, "Yay! Go tyrants!"
lpsmith exclaims, "Thank you!"
lpsmith says, "We'll have more questions from *you*, later in the show."
Eluchil claps
Kelby claps.
Guest3 asks, "could someone please let know how i can recover a forgotten password?"

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