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The 2001 XYZZY Awards Ceremony

by Stephen Granade

The 2001 XYZZY Awards Ceremony was held at ifMUD on March 9th, in the Massive Auditorium. While everyone's favorite presenter, NamelessAdventure, was on hand to give out some of the awards, there were other presenters, such as the AlliterativeAdventure and the fake_Jon_Ingold.

The awards were clustered this year, with Jon Ingold taking home a number of awards for All Roads.

Best Use of Medium: The Gostak (Carl Muckenhoupt)
Best Individual PC: The Kissing Bandit, from Tale of the Kissing Bandit (J. Robinson Wheeler)
Best Individual NPC: Yahoweh Porn, from Fallacy of Dawn (Robb Sherwin)
Best Individual Puzzle: The whole game of The Gostak (Carl Muckenhoupt)
Best NPCs: Pytho's Mask (Emily Short)
Best Puzzles: First Things First (J. Robinson Wheeler)
Best Setting: All Roads (Jon Ingold)
Best Story: All Roads (Jon Ingold)
Best Writing: Fallacy of Dawn (Robb Sherwin)
Best Game: All Roads (Jon Ingold)

For those of you who didn't attend the ceremony, or did but couldn't keep up with everything that went on, my full transcript of the ceremony, either with or without the chatter on the #peanut-gallery channel, is available. As with last year, Nick Montfort's speech was one of the highlights.

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