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Nuts and bolts articles for people who are planning on writing interactive fiction. Here's where you'll find articles on choosing a text adventure language and finding beta-testers.

Write a Text Adventure With Inform 7

Text adventures, also known as interactive fiction, can be as fun to write as they are to play. We'll get you started on writing one using Inform 7, a new programming language designed to be easy to use.

Introducing Inform 7

It's been ten years since Graham Nelson released Inform 6. Now he's released Inform 7, and the changes are dramatic. From basing the programming language itself on English to using rules to define the behavior of the game world, Inform 7 has a different approach to interactive fiction authorship than any other language.

Choosing a Text Adventure Language

Picking the programming language to use to write a text adventure can be a daunting task. I have a few suggestions to make that task a little easier to deal with.

Promoting Your New Text Adventure

Once you've finished your great new text adventure, what then? You need to upload your game and get the word out, that's what then. Here's your guide to where to go to get folks to play your new game.

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