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The 2008 XYZZY Awards Ceremony

by Stephen Granade

The 2008 XYZZY Awards Ceremony was held at ifMUD on March 28th, in the Massive Auditorium. Dan "inky" Shiovitz hosted the ceremony.

Jeremy Freese's game Violet took four awards, including "Best Game". The rest of the awards were evenly distributed among other games.

Best Use of Medium: The Moon Watch (Paolo Maroncelli and Alessandro Peretti)
Best Individual PC: Hardy the Bulldog from Snack Time! (Hardy the Bulldog and Renee Choba)
Best Individual NPC: Violet, from Violet (Jeremy Freese)
Best Individual Puzzle: Disconnecting the Internet and getting rid of the key, from Violet (Jeremy Freese)
Best NPCs: Everybody Dies (Jim Munroe)
Best Puzzles: Gun Mute (C. E. J. Pacian)
Best Setting: Nightfall (Eric Eve)
Best Story: Nightfall (Eric Eve)
Best Writing: Violet (Jeremy Freese)
Best Game: Violet (Jeremy Freese)

For those of you who didn't attend the ceremony, or did but couldn't keep up with everything that went on, the full transcript of the ceremony, either with or without the chatter on the #peanut-gallery channel, is available.

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