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Adventure Game News for 09 Dec 05

And Then There Were None Demo

Fans of Agatha Christie, prepare to rejoice or gnash your teeth. AWE Games and The Adventure Company have an upcoming adventure game based on her novel And Then There Were None. Now there's a demo for you to try.

King's Quest IX Now The Silver Lining

A while ago Vivendi Games shut down Phoenix Online Studios' King's Quest IX, the fan sequel to Sierra's now-defunct King's Quest series. Now Phoenix Online Studios has announced that they've been given permission to carry on, as long as they rename the game. Behold: The Silver Lining. From their press release:

On November 29th, 2005, Vivendi Universal Games (hereafter VUG) granted a fan license to Phoenix Online Studios to continue work on the KQIX project. As part of the negotiations between the two companies, VUG required a change of name of the project.

Look for the game some time in 2006.

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