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Adventure Game News for 16 Sep 06

TADS 3 No Longer Beta Software

As you might have gathered from the recent spate of release candidates for TADS 3, you might have expected that it would soon no longer be beta software. Indeed, that is the case: Mike Roberts has announced that TADS 3 is no longer beta software. There's a set of documentation to go along with the release, which you may browse online.

And congratulations to Mike Roberts and the entire TADS 3 team for reaching this development milestone.

FrobTADS 0.6

If you're on a Unix-based system such as Linux and want to play with the shiny new version of TADS 3, you should grab FrobTADS 0.6, which Nikos Chantziaras has already updated to incorporate the new version of TADS 3.

Rules 2.0 for TADS 3

It's a day for TADS news. Kevin Forchione has updated Rules.t, his T3 extension that provides rule-based hooks into the Action class's command processing stages. Support is provided for before, room, actor, action, and after processing.

Brian Moriarty Interview

Adventure Classic Gaming has been doing a lot of interviews lately. Their most recent, in which they interview Brian Moriarty, the creator of Trinity and Loom, is one of the best yet.

Among all the games you have designed or co-designed in your career, which game are you most proud of? Why?

In my second adventure for Infocom, Trinity, I actually managed to accomplish 80% of what I hoped to achieve. This is as close as I have ever come.

He also drops tantalizing hints about the "prose-based interactive fiction" he's been working on (in an on-and-off fashion) for some ten years.

The Ludicorp Mystery Review

At IF-Review, Geoff Gander reviews The Ludicorp Mystery. He found it a pleasant-enough diversion, albeit one with some rough edges.

Where TLM loses points is on style and refinement. While I said that the game functions well enough, and is playable, it lacks the finishing touches, and coding, that point to a complete product. These are issues that leave the player less than hopeful that all of the loose ends will be tied up once they have finished.

Inform 7 Version 3Z95

In the midst of the TADS 3 news, some Inform 7 news: Version 3Z95 is out for the Mac, with the Windows build to follow shortly. Highlights of this update include rudimentary support for images under the Glulx virtual machine and the ability to define phrases that act on descriptions (for example, "an open container which is in a lighted room").

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