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Adventure Game News for 01 Aug 06

Silver Lining (nee King's Quest IX) Demo

Remember that fan-made King's Quest IX that got shut down by Vivendi only to come back as Silver Lining? Phoenix Online Studios, the people behind the game, have a demo available.

IFMapper 1.0.0

IFMapper, the program for making maps of interactive fiction games has reached a milestone release. Its support for generating Inform 7 code has been improved, and it now has both an English and Spanish GUI available. You can grab the program from RubyForge or, if you've got Ruby and Gem installed, you can install it with "gem install ifmapper -r".

Interactive Fiction Podcast

Gregory Weir has a new podcast, Ludus Novus, which is about the art of interactivity. As part of the podcast, he expects to deal often with interactive fiction. Since it is a podcast, an RSS feed is available.

IntroComp 2006 Reminder

An IntroComp 2006 reminder: You only have until Friday, August 4th to play and rate the games. They're short, so it shouldn't take you too long. The award ceremony will be on ifMUD at 4:00 PM EST, Sunday, August 7.

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