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Adventure Game News for 23 Jun 06

Barrow Hill Trailer From Got Game

Got Game Entertainment didn't waste any time: shortly after announcing that they'd be publishing Barrow Hill in North America, they've released a trailer. It's just under 7 Mb in size, and is available from GamersHell. This is actually the second trailer; an earlier trailer showed some of the game's gameplay.

GBuilder, a Graphic Tool for Creating GWindows Interfaces

Creating graphical user interfaces for Glulx, a portable virtual machine mostly used for interactive fiction, involves writing a fair amount of code. Ross Raszewski's GWindows library makes that easier, but it's still a text-based way of laying out graphical elements. Now Ross has released GBuilder, a graphical tool for creating Glulx graphics layouts using GWindows. GBuilder is a Glulx application, so all you need to run it is a Glulx interpreter such as Glulxe. Once you're done setting up your interface, GBuilder will export the interface as Inform code that you can include in your game.

Last Call for 2006 Lotech Comp Entries

If you were planning on writing a choose-your-own-adventure style game for this year's Lotech Comp, you'd best get busy. You only have one more week to write your CYOA masterpiece, as the deadline is midnight on June 30th. I'm not sure what time zone "midnight" is measured from, so to be safe you'll want to submit your entry early.

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