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Adventure Game News for 21 Jun 06

Two Bits of News from Got Game Entertainment

Got Game Entertainment has been busy of late: they've gotten North American publishing deals for two games. The first, Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient Circle, is a mystery adventure game set in the county of Cornwall. The second, Atlantis Quest, is a straight-forward puzzle game.

Daemonica Patch

Remember Daemonica, the Czech game that reached North America back in early April? Meridian4 has released a patch for the game that fixes two bugs. The first is a crash when entering the map panel by clicking on the compass window. The second involves the inventory and a bucket of water. The patch also makes it easier to make potions by providing more herbs, and allows you to change the game's font.

IFMapper Now Supports Inform 7

IFMapper is a Ruby-based crossplatform tool for generating maps of adventure games. It's now at version 0.9.9. Previous versions could produce Inform 6 and TADS 3 code corresponding to maps; the latest version can produce Inform 7 source code. This functionality allows you to use the tool to set up your game world prior to beginning coding.

King's Quest 3 Remake

Infamous Adventures has released a remake of King's Quest 3, the old graphic adventure game from what was then Sierra On-Line. They've redone the graphics, put in a new musical score, and eliminated the typing interface. Perhaps now I can maneuver Gwydion down the mountain without falling to my death.

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