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Adventure Game News for 22 Jun 07

H.P. Lovecraft Common Book Games Available

The H.P. Lovecraft Commonplace Book competition is underway, with the 7 games now available for download and play.

Please play, discuss, rate, etc. Originally I had hoped for a "Best" in various categories, but since almost everyone chose different development platforms to build their games, just think about awarding a "Best in Show" overall for the English language games, so that game can be highlighted appropriately.

You have until June 30th to get your votes in for Best in Show in English language games.

Guardian's Games Blog Plans a Collaboratively-Authored Game

Over at the Guardian's games blog, Aleks Krotoski wants to know if enough people are interested in writing a work of IF as a group.

So, inspired by the trip down Hampstead's memory lane and spurred on by both the Dojo and Penguin's recent A Million Penguins WikiNovel experiment, I thought the talented gamesbloggers could create a text adventure ourselves, set in modern day, with modern themes, without an orc in sight. If it was worthy, we could release the final product on an independent platform.

All in favour in a bit of interactive collaboration, say Aye. If we get a critical mass, we'll set up a wiki and get started.

If you're interested, add your voice to the comments on the blog entry.

Text Adventures on Vinyl Records

Here's something off-beat for your Friday entertainment: games for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum encoded on vinyl records, including a text adventure from the Thompson Twins. I knew about putting programs on cassettes, but records?

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