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Adventure Game News for 17 Apr 07

New CellarDoor Release Candidate (PalmOS IF Interpreter)

There's a new release candidate of CellarDoor, a z-code and Glulx interpreter for PalmOS. The new release candidate includes some support for Glulx graphics and a handful of bug fixes.

H.P. Lovecraft Common Book Competition

H.P. Lovecraft put many of his story ideas, plot fragments, and more into his Common Book. The Maison d'Ailleurs, Musée de la science-fiction, de l'utopie et des voyages extraordinaires in Switzerland will be holding an exhibition, "An exhibition of unspeakable things": Lovecraft’s Commonplace Book, in October. Peter Nepstad is organizing a group of IF authors to write entries for the exhibition. Anyone can participate, and Peter is especially seeking French, Italian, and Spanish authors to take part. You will need to email Peter and tell him you're planning on entering, and which story idea you'll be using. There is just over two months to go before the deadline, so get to work!

GNOME Inform 7 Release 0.2

If you've been playing around with Inform 7 under Unix and you're using GNOME, you should take a look at the new release of GNOME I7. GNOME I7 is a re-write of the I7 IDE, which currently is available for Windows and Mac, to run under GNOME/GTK.

ADRIFT 4.0.48

There's a new version of ADRIFT, the IF development system for Windows. The new version adds better support for Windows Vista, and fixes several bugs as listed in the release notes.

Flash-Based Graphic Adventure Something Amiss

Tucker Bowen has written an online Flash-based graphic adventure game based on his self-published novel, Something Amiss. There are two chapters so far, with the third one in the works.

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