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Adventure Game News for 27 Apr 07

Spring Thing 2007 Results

Spring Thing 2007 is over, and the results are in! Congratulations to Victor Gijsbers, whose game Fate took first place. The full results are:

  1. Fate, by Victor Gijsbers
  2. The Reluctant Resurrectee, by David Whyld
  3. Starship Volant: Stowaway, by C. Henshaw
  4. The Epic Origins of CamelGirl!, by Brandi Wilcox

And if you've not played the games yet, what are you waiting for? Go get them.

CellarDoor 1.0 for PalmOS

CellarDoor, a z-code and Glulx interpreter for PalmOS, has reached version 1.0. If you've got a device running PalmOS, a hi-res screen and a memory card, then this is the IF interpreter for you. Version 1.0 adds new font sizes and 16-bit color, and fixes a number of bugs.

ADRIFT 4.0.50

ADRIFT, the Windows program for creating IF, is now at version 4.0.50. The new version fixes some three bugs and adds no new functionality.

PyI7 Python/TKinter IDE for Inform 7

As an option for those running Linux who want to play with Inform 7 but don't want to use the in-development Gnome I7 IDE, Glenn Hutchings has released PyI7, a minimal I7 IDE written in Python and using TKinter for widgets. It plays nicely with the Linux I7 distribution, has a text editor window, and will compile and run your I7 game. It does not (yet) support the skein or transcript panes, nor is there a "Replay" function.

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