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Adventure Game News for 30 Mar 06

Dameonica On Its Way to North American Stores

A while back we mentioned that the publisher Meridian4 was bringing the Czech game Daemonica to the US. It's now making its way to stores, where you can buy it for $29.99.

GameZone Reviews Crime Stories

Speaking of older games now in the US, Martin Mystére (now called Crime Stories) has been reviewed by GameZone. The reviewer thought the game really only suitable for hard-core adventure game players.

Crime Stories isn't the best point and click adventure game available on the market but it might be enough for the dedicated adventure gamer. The storyline is entertaining and suspenseful at times but the voice acting causes a big distraction in following the story.

IntroComp 2006

It's IntroComp time again! IntroComp is a competition for the best introduction to a non-existent work of interactive fiction. To enter, you need to send notice of your intent to enter to the competition organizer, Jacqueline Lott, at jacqueline.a.lott at gmail dot com. You have until July 1, 2006 to get your intent to Jacqueline. You then have until July 16, 2006 at 11:59 PM EDT to enter your game.

What can you win? Glad you asked! First prize is $100 dollars; second, $60; third, $40; and honorable mention, $20. The catch: you have to finish your game in one year in order to claim the prize money. "Honorable" is a new category. The first completed game that wasn't in the top three nevertheless is awarded $20.

Adventure Classing Gaming Opens With Ken Williams Interview

Philip Jong's new adventure game website, Adventure Classic Gaming, is now open for business. He's started off with an interview of Ken Williams, founder of Sierra On-Line.

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