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Adventure Game News for 18 Jan 06

Crystal of the Pharaoh Welsh Adventure Game

Interested in playing a Welsh adventure game? B-DAG, a UK-based educational company, has created Crystal of the Pharaoh, a bilingual English/Welsh game based on the Welsh children's book Crisial y Pharo.

After buying an old computer from his Uncle Harri, Pryderi is shocked to find himself being dragged into the computer. There, he becomes friends with the strange creatures who live there. But the evil wizard Swrief is intent on destroying the computer and all who live there by stealing the Magic Crystal which is hidden deep inside the pyramid. Only Pryderi can save them and he has to overcome numerous dangers and obstacles to reach the Crystal before Swrief.

The game was written by Aled O. Richards, author of Crisial y Pharo. It is aimed at children ages 8 to 11, is available for Windows, and costs 29.99.

Meridian4 bringing Daemonica to the US

US publisher Meridian4 is bringing the adventure game Daemonica to the US. Daemonica is a 3D mystery adventure game for Windows.

A young girl has been brutally murdered in the small town of Cavorn. You must investigate and hunt down the killer. In the meantime, more dead bodies are discovered and the town slips into insanity. A grim, long-forgotten secret, something that should never see the light of day again slowly awakes...

Daemonica was created by RA Images and published by Cinemax. (No, no, not the cable channel known for its soft porn, the Czech publisher.)

Hugo 3.1.03

Kent Tessman has released version 3.1.03 of Hugo, his interactive fiction language. This version includes a handful of core and platform-specific fixes and changes.

InformSideKick for jEdit

Jesse Carroll has released InformSideKick, a jEdit plugin for writing interactive fiction in Inform. It will display a tree of game objects and do a handful of other nice things.

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