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Adventure Game News for 22 Mar 05

All Things Devours Version 2

"half sick of shadows" has released version 2 of All Things Devours, which just won the 2004 XYZZY Award for best puzzle. He's even added a new twist to the game.

There is also a special challenge for those who liked the game and wish that they could make it last a little longer. It is activated by typing 'challenge' at the prompt, and makes three additional changes to the game which constrict your options just that little bit more, meaning that you will most probably have to find different ways of going about your task. This is not at all required to successfully complete the game, it is just for those who want a little more. For those who are interested, the challenge is a 'sub-game' of All Things Devours in the sense that every solution to it is a solution to the normal game.

He has also released the game's source code.

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