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Downloading and Running Text Adventures, Page 4

by Stephen Granade

Table of Contents
• Introduction
• Basic Structure
• Hugo
• Alan
• Z-Code
• TADS 3
• Glulx

All of the systems I've talked about so far are well established. However, there are newer systems available that are built on the foundation of older systems, namely TADS 3 (often called T3) and Glulx.


TADS 3 is the latest version of TADS,. TADS 3 uses a different virtual machine than TADS does. T3 game files end in .t3x, to distinguish them from older .gam files. T3 interpreters are available from


Glulx games are written for a virtual machine developed by Andrew Plotkin. They are often larger and can have more features than older Z-code games. Glulx game files end in .ulx, .gblorb, .blb, and .glb.

If your system runs Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, try the Lectrote interprer. For a mobile device, try Frotz for iOS or Fabularium for Android.

You can find Glulx games at IFDB or the Interactive Fiction Archive.

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