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TADS 3.1 (an interactive fiction language) adds web-based play, collaborative...

Interactive fiction programmers: there is a competition for games written in ...

The new version of the interactive fiction language ADRIFT adds embedded expr...

You can now play Zork over Twitter by talking to @playzork. (h/t @savetherobo...

A paper on rules-based interactive fiction from CMU

Darkstar Review

Darkstar combines difficult puzzles with full-motion video reminiscent of early-1990s adventure games, and represents a labor of love for its creator, J. Allen Williams. But how is it as a game?
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GameplayComp Reviews

Reviews from judges of the 2009 GameplayComp. Games entered in the competition were to explore non-traditional forms of gameplay while still remaining IF.
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AbilityComp Reviews

Reviews from all of the judges of the 2009 AbilityComp. Games entered in the competition were to feature a player character with a special ability outside the natural norm.
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EnvComp Reviews

Reviews from all of the judges of the 2009 EnvComp. Games entered in the competition were to explore new or unusual settings.
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The Room as Metaphor in Interactive Fiction

What if the room, the basic structural unit of most interactive fiction, obscures other ways of organizing and thinking about interactive fiction? Nathan Jerpe looks at the room as a metaphor and explores what other metaphors might replace it.
In Writers > IF Theory

A Comparison of TADS 3 and Inform 7

Eric Eve is one of the few IF authors to have worked extensively in both Inform 7 and TADS 3. Here he shares his insights in the two languages' similarities and differences.
In Writers > IF Theory

Making Better Puzzles

Want to make better puzzles? Try thinking about what make puzzles satisfying to you, and don't neglect the logic that undergirds many puzzles.
In Writers > IF Theory

Creating Autonomous Non-Player Characters in Interactive Fiction

Making NPCs that act on their own is a tough undertaking. This article describes some of the approaches to making autonomous NPCs, looking in depth at the game Child's Play as a case study.
In Writers > IF Theory

Sam & Max Season Two: Episode Five: What's Up, Beelzebub? Review

Gunther Schmidl takes a look at the final episode in the series and pronounces it good, though be warned: if you haven't played prior episodes, there's a good chance you'll have to solve one puzzle by brute force.
In Reviews > Graphic

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