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Quick hits about introcomp 06

by N. B. Horvath

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  1. Child's Play, by Stephen Granade: Cute, but forgettable. Score 7.

  2. Mechs, by Allan Crain: I couldn't finish this, short as it is. Note to authors: Include a walkthrough, always. Note to Introcomp organizer: Tell authors to include a walkthrough, always. Score 4.

  3. Nothing But Mazes, by Greg Boettcher: At first, I was quite excited over the game's multimedia aspects and plausible cryo-freeze introduction. But then the game got contrived, and more contrived, and more and more and more contrived. It became a gigantic in-joke for IF geeks, and extremely heavy on exposition to boot. I was so off-put by that phase of the game that I didn't last long with the (potentially far more interesting) virtual reality coding environment phase. Score 3.

    Who Created That Monster? is largely contrived and in-jokey itself. My bad, there.)

  4. Sabotage, by Felix Plesoianu. Well, yay walkthrough! This game wasn't quite my cup of tea, though. Unrated.

  5. Southern Gothic, by Mordecai Shinefield. Has potential, but there's not much going on in this introduction. Score 7.

  6. The Art Of Deception, by she's long gone. Fun, campy spy-story setting. I had problems finishing, however, even in beginner ("Rookie") mode and making copious use of hints. Some bugs or usability issues with the context-sensitive hints, I think. Score 7.

  7. Unyielding Fury, by Michael Pruitt. Evidently an enthusiastic young author. This game-intro is a werewolf story that's far, far over-the-top. My guess is the author used a spell checker (which is quite commendable) but has not had much experience of having his writing critiqued (which can be remedied).

    My early front-runner for Wacky Moment of the Year in I.F. for 2006 comes from the opening scene in this game:

    The sky is perfectly clear save for the aforementioned moon.

    This reminded me of one of the runners-up in the 2004 Lyttle Lytton contest:

    "Tasty waffle?" Jim suggested alluringly, prodding me with the afore-mentioned breakfast food.

    Score: 2.

This article copyright © 2006, N. B. Horvath

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