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IntroComp Bob's votes

by Bob

Posted 15 August 2006 to

Child's play: I liked the general idea of playing a baby, mostly because my daughter is just about 2 months older than the PC. I thought the puzzles to be a bit unimaginative and I somehow fear that's because the limited amount of reasonable actions a baby PC has. Please, Stephen, prove me wrong!

Nothing but mazes: I really liked the story and the presentation of this one. Even in the intro, I was surprised by the twists and turns of the story about three times. The puzzles (especially the computer puzzle) also were nicely done, so I have nothing to bitch about. I crave more!

Southern gothic: I don' t like games very much, where it is essential to examine every single object to solve the puzzles. For me, that seems to be an obtrusion like hunger puzzles or inventory limits. I feel, this game will be one of those. Apart from that, it played rather nicely, although I'm not sure if I'd play the full game.

Unyielding fury: First, I got lost in the woods, so I didn't have a really good start. The game itself could be fun, but the intro is too short to be sure.

Sabotage: I like SF games and this one is definitly not one of the worst. But since even in the intro there were two puzzles I never would have solved, I guess I wouldn't the full game.

Art of Deception: Espionage-story with different levels of difficulty. I had great fun with it, although it's too short an intro to be fully valuated just yet.

Mechs: I never really understood why I should rebel. I didn't beat the intro, too, mostly since I only tried to kill that damn human. I also was annoyed, that I obeyed him, although the data told me I wouldn't have to if the human says "please" (which he definitly had). Sorry.

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