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Adventure Game News for 22 Dec 06

Jay is Games Best of 2006 Voting Opens

Jay is Games is a site that mentions and reviews various Flash and casual games. From time to time the site mentions interactive fiction. In their Best Casual Game of 2006 poll, they've got a category for adventure (which is mostly RPG-style games and Nethack). Even more surprisingly, there's one for interactive art. Nominated in the latter category are Emily Short's Floatpoint, Michael Mateas's and Andrew Stern's Facade, and, er, Zarf—which I take to mean all of Andrew Plotkin's games. So go vote!

SCARE 1.3.5 (ADRIFT interpreter)

Simon Baldwin has updated his ADRIFT interpreter for better compatibility with the ADRIFT Runner 4.0.46 and to improve overall performance. The source, a Linux binary, and a DOS binary are available from the IF Archive.

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