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Adventure Game News for 21 Dec 07

ZLR, a New High-Speed Z-Machine Interpreter for .Net

Jesse McGrew has created ZLR, a z-machine interpreter written in C# for .Net. The aim of ZLR is to be as fast as possible. As Jesse said in his announcement,

In short, ZLR is designed to be faster than traditional interpreters: Inform 7 makes it easy to write more CPU-intensive games, so it's only fair that interpreters should keep up. It's also designed specifically to run modern games, not Infocom classics: only V5 and V8 are supported.

You can get a runtime for Windows or compile it for a compatible platform such as Mono.

Guideline for Writing I7 Extensions

Inform 7 extension authors, take note: extensions librarian Emily Short has released guidelines for writing extensions that lists best practices, such as including an example and naming all of your rules.

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