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Adventure Game News for 13 Dec 04

Future Boy! Special Offer

You can get a $5CN discount on Future Boy!, Kent Tessman's latest adventure, if you're a reader of the Usenet newsgroups or

Simply purchase the Future Boy! Deluxe CD-ROM package online at anytime from December 10, 2004 through December 25, 2004. Once you receive your confirmation email, forward it to along with a web link referencing at least one newsgroup post you've made to either or (The web link or URL can be found using, for instance, Google Groups at

If your total order is over $50, you can also save $10 through December 20th.

Review of The Cabal on IF-Review

Greg Boettcher has reviewed Stephen Bond's game The Cabal for IF-Review.

MacTADS Toolkit Discontinued

As of October 17, 2004, Andrew Pontious has discontinued the MacTADS Toolkit, his planned TADS port for the Mac that would have been backwards compatible through System 7.

Feedback on TADS Workbench for Mac

Andrew Pontious may have given up on the MacTADS toolkit, but he hasn't stopped work on TADS entirely: he's taken over Uli Kusterer's TADS Workbench for Mac. He's looking for feedback, though:

I took over Workbench for Mac to continue my now cancelled MacTADS Toolkit work and to have an IDE for my own use.

But I'm now reconsidering whether I will be writing TADS games in the near future. So instead of writing an IDE for myself, I'm looking to other Macintosh users for guidance.

If nobody uses Workbench for Mac, or its existing users are satisfied with its functionality, then I'll just put out maintenance releases for now with bugfixes and TADS code updates.

Are people interested in the kind of features I was originally planning for MacTADS Toolkit?
- Support for TADS 2
- Support for debugging using another terp such as HyperTADS as host

Andrew's (munged) email address is

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