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Adventure Game News for 06 Dec 04

Vote for The Inventory Awards

The e-zine The Inventory has opened voting for The Inventory Awards, recognizing the best adventure games of the last year. Like the XYZZY Awards they're category awards, with categories such as Best Story, Best Indie Adventure, and Best Gameplay. (I will note in passing that there is none for Best Puzzles.) To vote, visit their forum and cast your ballot before Monday, December 13th.

QTads 1.6 Released

Nikos Chantziaras has released version 1.6 of QTads, his Unix TADS 2/3 interpreter.

QTads is a non-multimedia interpreter for text adventures developed with Tads; Tads2 and most of Tads3 (I say "most" because, right now, it lacks Tads3 banners). KDE is not needed; a 3.1.x or higher version of the Qt library is enough. It runs in every Unix system for which the Qt library is available. It is known to work on Linux, Mac OS X and BSD-systems. It should also run on systems like Solaris, Unixware, GNU Hurd, Irix, and probably many more, but no one tried it yet; feedback is welcome.

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