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Adventure Game News for 30 Nov 06

SPAC Issue 47

SPAC, the Spanish e-zine for interactive fiction, has a new issue out, covering the IF Competition, reviews of Dracula I and II, and an interview with planseldon.

Inside ADRIFT 32

In further e-zine news, issue 32 of Inside ADRIFT is now available. It covers the IF Competition, summarizes the news from the ADRIFT forum, and has a guide to SCARE, the cross-platform ADRIFT interpreter.

Multiple IF Competition Games Updated

A number of authors who entered the annual IF Competition have updated their games, fixing bugs and the like. Updated games include

Sequel to Moments Out of Time

Back in 2001, Ross Raszewski entered Moments Out of Time in the IF Competition. It took 2nd place and garnered favorable reviews. Now he's written a sequel, Moments Out of Time: Adventure Type. What are you waiting for? Go get it!

New Game Ekphrasis

Le Jibe has released Ekphrasis, a new work of interactive fiction written in French. It's unusual in that it's fully illustrated and includes music and sound.

Even though you play a History of Art expert (specialised in Italian early Renaissance), no previous knowledge about art history is required, for Ekphrasis is about discovering a (small) part of it. (No knowledge about Maths is either required, though complex numbers were discovered during the Renaissance and take place in a crucial enigma during the game).

I remind you that in french IF, input verbs must be written on their infinitive forms.

Previous players of Filaments will visit again the 5th arrondissement of Paris, switching Henri IV high school with Sorbonne university, but also Venezia, Firenze, Roma, Warsaw...and a couple of museums, of course.

Find the Secret of the Medici ! Travel through Europa ! Have fun !

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