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Adventure Game News for 30 Nov 04

New indie adventure "Remedy"

Mikael and Eleen Nyquist, a couple from Sweden, have finished their adventure game Remedy, which is available to order for $15, including worldwide shipping.

Ask the Developers and Publishers

To celebrate its birthday, adventure PDF magazine The Inventory has been inviting publishers to the Forum to answer questions yesterday and today. The full list and schedule, including Al Lowe, Josh Mandel, White Birds Productions, Pendulo Studios and many others, is there.

At a Lost Climber screenshots

Screenshots from upcoming adventure Hotel At a Lost Climber: Inspector Glebsky's Puzzle can be found here.

Bad Brain to publish A Vampyre Story

German company kCreations has bought an exclusive license to publish Autumn Moon Entertainment's A Vampyre Story under the bad brain entertainment imprint. As if this weren't confusing enough already, Adventure-Treff reports that bad brain's META tags include the keywords 'sam', 'max' and '2'. Hmm.

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