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Adventure Game News for 11 Nov 06

Inform 7 Beta 4B91

The latest Inform 7 beta release firms up I7's support for Glulx, the virtual machine that allows much larger games and much better multimedia than the z-machine. The Mac version is available, and as usual, the Windows version will be available shortly.

Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave Ships

Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave is the latest Nancy Drew game from HerInteractive. In it, Nancy Drew teams up with the Hardy Boys to solve a mystery in Hawaii. In the game you can switch among Nancy Drew, Joe Hardy, and Frank Hardy.

Beach Hunt Flash Adventure Game

Those of you with a half-hour to spare and a hankerin' for old-fashioned point-and-click adventures should take a look at Beach Hunt. It's a first-person point-and-click adventure created as part of a promotional for an upcoming movie based on the Canadian cartoon series Chilly Beach.

Interview with Scott "Guy from Andromeda" Murphy

Scott Murphy was one of the two designers behind Sierra's Space Quest series. Shortly before "Chainsaw Monday" he was fired, and more-or-less vanished from view. Now, on the twentieth anniversary of the first Space Quest game, he's granted Adventure Classic Gaming an interview. He gives his opinions of his former co-workers and of Sierra quite bluntly, at one point quoting a Don Henley lyric, "Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge."

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