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Adventure Game News for 11 Nov 04

Bill Tiller interview

Xequted have interviewed Bill Tiller of Autumn Moon Entertainment (and, formerly, LucasArts) about AME's first game, A Vampyre Story.

Two new indie adventures

One German and one English indie adventure game join the host of available games out there today.

Codename: Stinkon plays in Germany and features "Joni", a normal guy whose dog is kidnapped by aliens with evil intents.

Divided teases us with the following backstory info:

You wake up in a strange circular room. You can't remember how you got there or why you are there. You have a page with some scribbles on it with you.

Hal Barwood interview

The Indy Experience interview Hal Barwood about the Indiana Jones games.

Myst IV patch available

The first patch for Myst IV is out, and available from here. It fixes a few known crashes and makes one time-sensitive puzzle easier.

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