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Adventure Game News for 01 Nov 06

Electronic Literature Collection Volume 1

The Electronic Literature Organization has released volume 1 of its Electronic Literature Collection. The collection comprises sixty works of electronic literature, and includes five pieces of interactive fiction: All Roads by Jon Ingold, Bad Machine by Dan Shiovitz, Galatea and Savoir-Faire by Emily Short, and Whom the Telling Changed by Aaron Reed. You can get the collection on CD for free: all you need to do is write the ELO and request one.

Emily Short Reviews the McDream Games

Emily Short has reviewed the first three games submitted to David Cornelson's monthly anthology of games based on dreams.

Secret Files: Tunguska Released in the US

Secret Files: Tunguska, a graphic adventure about the 1908 explosion in central Siberia, is headed to retail stores in the US, according to The Adventure Company. The game was released earlier in Europe.

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