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Adventure Game News for 25 Oct 07

Zoom Beta Release Supports IFDB

On the heels of IFDB being released, Andrew Hunter has released a new beta version of Zoom that has some integration with IFDB. It has a "Find More" button that will take you to IFDB, and has better handling of interpreter plug-ins that should mesh with the IFDB approach. If you're interested in writing a new interpreter plugin for Zoom, the Zoom API pages will be helpful.

Walkthrough for Jealousy Duel X

If you've been planning on playing Jealousy Duel X for the 2007 IF Competition, know that there's now a walkthrough if you end up needing one.

Spanish IF Comp Results

The 2007 FIComp, the annual Spanish IF Competition, ended on October 16th. Incanus's entry Macetas took best adventure and best story, while Jarel's Regreso al Edén took best puzzle.

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