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Adventure Game News for 18 Oct 07

New Interactive Fiction Database

Mike Roberts has unveiled IFDB, the Interactive Fiction Database. The goal of the site is to have users recommend games to each other. The site includes lists of recommended games, keyword tags for games, and reviews and ratings. It also allows you to download games and provides instructions for how to get and play each game.

IF-Review of Moments out of Time 2 and Moments out of Time: Renegade Type

Greg Boettcher reviews Moments out of Time 2 and Moments out of Time: Renegade Type. He also untangles how each game is related to each other.

First of all, [Moments out of Time 2 is] a game with a unique, innovative, and highly useful interface. In fact, it's got more than that; it's got three different interfaces. It's got attractive and interactive maps. It's got a library full of articles giving useful background information. It gives you a spirited sidekick who is sometimes hilarious, and other times extremely helpful. It gives you innumerable gadgets, including your own gear as well as other stuff you find gadgets that are often fun and rewarding to play with. What's more, some puzzles are highly satisfying, calling for ingenious use of your gear and of time travel itself. The game has an epic feel, and is very satisfying to complete, with a good ending.

Informer: Generate Inform 7 Code from OmniGraffle Maps

Brant Sears has released Informer, a tool for OS X that lets you create maps in OmniGraffle and turn them into the appropriate I7 code.

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