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Adventure Game News for 17 Oct 04

"Legacy: Dark Shadows" finds publisher

The Croatian game Legacy: Dark Shadows has found a publisher and will soon be released in the US and UK. MP3s, wallpapers and teaser movies can be downloaded from the game's website; the demo seems to have disappeared from the site but can still be downloaded from here.

Interviews with Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer

A QuickTime video interview with Tim Schafer concerning his new game Psychonauts (Xbox) can be found here. A more traditional text interview with Ron Gilbert, or at least the first part of it, is here.

(Source: Adventure-Treff)

"Bad Mojo" re-release

Adventure Gamers have an interview with Alex Louie, project manager of 1996 cockroach action-adventure Bad Mojo, to be re-released on DVD by Got Game Entertainment.

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