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Adventure Game News for 09 Oct 06

How Much For That Sam and Max?

Telltale Games has announced their pricing structure for their Sam and Max adventure games, which are going to be released as episodes. You can download individual episodes for $8.95 each, order the "full season" for $34.95, or subscribe to GameTap for $9.95 a month.

What's the "full season"? It's all six episodes. If you buy the full season, you'll be able to download each game as it becomes available, and after all six are released, you can have all of the episodes archived on a CD and sent to you for the cost of shipping and handling alone.

And GameTap? It's a service that gives you access to a large library of games, though once you stop paying your subscription, you no longer have access to the games. On the plus side, you'd get access to the Sam and Max games fifteen days before those who are buying the downloads.

Strategy Informer Giving Away Copies of The Secret Files: Tunguska

Strategy Informer is going to give away five copies of The Secret Files: Tunguska. To be eligible to win, you need to register at their website, which is free.

Bobby Blackwolf Show Covers the Interactive Fiction Competition

The Bobby Blackwolf Show, a weekly podcast covering computer games in general and independent games in specific, interviewed me about my role as organizer of the Interactive Fiction Competition. So if you've ever wanted to hear my mellifluous tones, you can grab the podcast and give it a listen.

Peter Mattsson Taking Over the Non-Comp Review Project

In 2004 and 2005, Greg Boettcher ran the Non-Comp Review Project. He started the Non-Comp Review Project to encourage reviews of games that were released outside of a large competition such as the annual IF Competition, where games receive many, many reviews. Now Peter Mattsson is taking over the project. See his original post to find out what games he'd really like to see reviewed.

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