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Adventure Game News for 09 Oct 04

Ron Loo trailer

The official website for Czech adventure game Ron Loo now offers a trailer for download alongside a number of screenshots and sample music.

Larry 8 banned in Australia

Australian Website iTnews reports that Leisure Suit Larry 8 is banned in Australia:

The report said the computer game contains "obscured and/or implied sexual activity and obscured and partial nudity involving stylised, animated characters."

An OFLC spokesperson confirmed that the title had been banned and could not be imported, hired or sold to the public.

Australia has also banned Sierra's horror games Phantasmagoria and Phantasmagoria 2 in the past.

Nintendo to release Adventure

IGN reports that Nintendo will be releasing a honest-to-goodness adventure game named Another for their new handheld console, the Nintendo DS.

(Source: Adventurecorner)

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