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Adventure Game News for 27 Sep 04

New Myst IV movies

Gamespot have released four movies from the upcoming Ubisoft game Myst IV: Revelation, showing a bit of the intro, a puzzle, and some gameplay. Warning: could be spoilery.

Next Half of Darkness

Last Half of Darkness is getting a Sequel, subtitled Shadows of the Servants. It is on the way for a 2005 release, and there's a demo available. The original game can be played free on the web or ordered for $12,95.


In the best tradition of early Sierra adventures, here is a completely unfair and unwinnable CYOA based on (for lack of a better phrase) Half-Life 2. Additional commands were found to lead here and here, although how this helped anyone to steal the HL2 code is unknown so far.

Atlantis on your phone

ClickGamer will be selling a special version of Dreamcatcher's Atlantis for the Pocket PC and Smartphone/Symbian phones. More information on the game's website.

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