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Adventure Game News for 16 Sep 05

Telltale Games Announces Sam and Max 2

Hot off the release of Bone, Telltale Games has announced a sequel to the Sam and Max graphic adventure. This may sound familiar to you, mainly because this is, what, the third time someone's announced a sequel? There's not a lot of information available right now. According to the Unofficial Sam and Max Website, Telltale Games announced this at a press event intended mainly for potential investors.

Alan v3

Some of you may be familiar with Alan, the IF authoring system. After a long period of dormancy, Thomas Nilsson, its creator, has returned with version 3 of Alan. Alpha 1 is available for Windows and Mac OS X. The new version is completely object oriented, has added string manipulation, and has a whole host of new features.

Pytho's Mask Review

IF-Review has a new review of Emily Short's Pytho's Mask. Victor Gijsbers's review delves into the taxonomy of puzzles and takes an in-depth look at the game itself.

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