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Adventure Game News for 14 Sep 07

Kwest 1.1.1 Z-Code Interpreter for KDE

Kwest is a port of the Frotz z-code interpreter to KDE. Kwest supports zblorb files and displays cover art and biographic information if present in the zblorb file.

Annual Spanish IF Comp

This year's FIComp, the annual Spanish IF Competition, is currently underway. The competition's theme is "science fiction". Four games were entered:

You have until the end of the month to play and rate the games.

Zroft Z-Code Interpreter for Pocket PC

Vladimir Korablin has turned FrostZ, an older z-code interp for Pocket PCs, into Zroft. Zroft adds a lot of nice functionality, such as using Quetzal for save-file formats, supporting zblorb files along with cover art and biographical data, and a number of other improvements. Right now the Zroft files can be found in the IF Archive unprocessed directory, but should soon move to the usual Frotz directory.

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