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Adventure Game News for 20 Aug 07

Weishaupt Scholars Released

For a long time, it's been the rule that any game introduction entered in the IntroComp would never become full-fledged games. Only Adam Thornton's Fellowship of the Ring for Atari 2600 was the exception.

Now it's been joined by Michael Martin's Weishaput Scholars, which was first runner up in the 2005 IntroComp. According to Michael, "It's a multilinearly-plotted conspiracies-in-the-mundane world game, in which the PCs are interns for one of the more modernized factions." You can get it from the IF Archive. And congratulations to Michael for avoiding the IntroComp curse.

SPAG Issue 49

The August 2007 issue of SPAG has a lot of information about Spanish IF, an interview with Kent Tessman, and Jim Aikin's detailed analysis of Emily Short's Floatpoint.

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