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Adventure Game News for 02 Aug 05

IntroComp 2005 Begins!

The 2005 IntroComp is now underway. IntroComp is a competition in which interactive fiction authors create introductions to longer games, and anyone who plays them may vote on whether or not the intro would make them want to play the full version of the game. The seven entrants this year are:

Judges have until the end of Sunday, August 6th to vote. So go grab those games and get to judging.

IF Promotional CD

For those of you interested in promoting interactive fiction, David Cornelson has created a promotional CD for Windows that contains some fifty games, the interpreters needed to run them, and appropriate scripting so that no installation is needed on the user's computer. Users simply select a game to run, and can look up information about the game on Baf's Guide. Permission is given to copy this CD and hand it out, but you may not charge any money for doing so.

FrobTADS 0.2 for Linux

Nikos Chantziaras has updated FrobTADS, his console port of TADS for Linux and other unices, to fix a few small bugs and to better handle screen resizing in an xterm.


Building, a new work of interactive fiction, is described as "Dark Romanticism." From its release blurb:

Your past is a jumble of dimly-lit mirrors, reflecting disassociated images: desolate parking lots; whispering distant trees; a sense of sorrow and suspended time; a night without end. You know that there is more, but what? Who are you? Where are you? All paths lead to the building -- the immense lightless monolith that curls before you like a dragon of a thousand gasoline eyes.

Plotkin Rhem 2 Review

Andrew Plotkin has reviewed Rhem 2, calling it a "giant firehose of puzzles."

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